Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter 6

Thanks for your patience...

“You’re really going to eat all that?” Edie asked, pausing with a curly fry halfway to her lips. Jonathan looked down at the four burgers in front of him and then back up at her, wearing that boyish grin of his that made it nearly impossible for her to remember that he was actually older than he looked, especially with mustard leaking from the corner of his mouth and ketchup dotting his cheek. He was cute...damned cute and watching him eat, something she didn’t normally like to do and not because it was rude but because most men she knew tended to scoop food into their mouths with both hands and chew with their mouths full like the Neanderthals they are. For some reason, watching him eat was different.

“I have to replace the calories I’ve lost,” he explained with a shrug before taking another enormous bite out of the double bacon cheeseburger that sent grease streaming down his chin. Edie shook her head and popped the fry into her mouth, fighting the urge to lean across the table and wipe off the trails of grease and mustard, while he chewed contentedly. Glancing around at the late night...well, early morning crowd of mostly teenagers and college kids she realized that they fit in, wearing their t-shirts and him in his gym shorts and her in a pair of army drab clam diggers, which was probably why no one was watching Jonathan Toews chow down on half a dozen burgers like he’d just escaped from a concentration camp. Edie looked longingly at thick cut apple wood smoked bacon peeking out of one of the burgers. She’d made the mistake of thinking there was no way she could put grease into her system in the early hours of the morning, but now the fries that she’d ordered weren’t exactly filling her up and the more she stared at his food, the more her stomach began to growl, loudly. “You want one?” he asked, looking at her over his burger. Caught, Edie blushed and nodded.

“I should have just ordered one when you did but...,” she shrugged and reached for her purse, which he’d told her to leave at the apartment. He’d paid for everything, merely making a face when she’d reached for her change purse to pay for her large diet coke and fries.

“I’ll get you one.” He made the same face, the ‘you’re kidding, right?’ face and, putting his burger down, wiped his hands along his ribs, smearing grease and mustard on his t-shirt as he got to his feet. Edie laughed and shook her head, but he didn’t seem to notice. She watched him jog up to the long counter behind which two older waitresses were gossiping while they made coffee and then she reached for her phone. Counting on her fingers she was almost sure that her roommate back home would be awake and if not already on her way to the gym, at least heading out the door.

Edie texted Mia, just to be sure. You up?

It only took a moment for Mia to text back. Yep, heading out to gym. Y R U up?

Edie hit the speed dial and waited impatiently for her friend to pick up. Firstly, Mia was never going to believe this and secondly she didn’t know how to explain what she was doing in short enough sentences to text.

What is it? Like two? Two thirty there?” Mia didn’t say hello, which wasn’t unusual. Edie still laughed.

“Yeah, something like that. Look, I know you aren’t supposed to talk about shit like this work...what do you know about Jonathan Toews?” There was silence on the other end of the line and Edie pictured her friend holding her phone out in front of her and staring at it, quizzically. Edie hated the Hawks, everyone knew that, but especially Mia, who worked in the front office of the Vancouver Canucks. Her job was one of the reasons that Edie had taken her in as a roommate. It had turned out there were a lot of rules about Mia could and couldn’t talk about as far as the players were concerned, but it also turned out that she could get tickets to games a lot. It was a decent trade off.

Not a lot,” Mia replied after a long pause and Edie could hear the hesitation in her friend’s voice. “Why?”

“You’re not about to step out into traffic or anything are you?” Edie could hear traffic in the background so she knew she couldn’t tell Mia to sit down while she told her this.

Just about,” Mia admitted. “What’s going on? You got Windy City fever or something? I know they say the restaurants there are good but...”

“I slept with him,” Edie hissed into her phone. A moment ago she had known her friend was walking, by the sound of the traffic and other voices in the background. Now, there was only silence.

Him? Edie...when you say him, do you mean Jonathan Toews? The Jonathan Toews?” Mia’s voice was low and Edie knew that she’d stopped, moved out of the path of other pedestrians and was probably leaning against a building talking directly into the phone in the hushed tone she saved for when she was at work and telling Edie something she shouldn’t.

“Yeah,” Edie admitted, her gaze still pinned to his broad shoulders as he waited for her burger while his cooled in front of her. “I’m sitting, kind of uncomfortably, in an all night diner wearing his sister’s clothes while he’s ordering me a burger, and Mia...I can’t believe I’m saying this,” she winced as she the words popped into her head before she said them, “I really like him...I mean, a lot.”

Okay, okay...back the fuck up. Are you trying to tell me that you’ve actually been fucking the Jonathan Toews, the captain of your sworn enemy?” Now Mia sounded amused and that made Edie roll her eyes. “Did someone put a gun to your head? Threaten to behead your cat or something?”

“Yeah, yeah ha ha, very funny. Just...what do you know about him? I he...fuck, I can’t believe I’m asking this fucking question you know if he’s supposed to be shacked up with anyone?” He turned and grinned at her and waved and Edie felt herself beaming back at him. ‘Damn, damn, damn!’ she thought. ‘You don’t even know him. Stop doing that!

Well first of all, he doesn’t have a sister. Kane’s the one with the sisters so, I don’t know whose clothes your wearing but I’m kinda guessing that he’s not as innocent as he looks, but no, I’ve never heard anything about anyone serious.” Edie could tell Mia was walking again. She could also tell that her friend was finding all of this terribly amusing; however, the smile had disappeared from her own face. Mia was saying something now about how the whole Hawks team, like the Pens, were known for being made up of real party animals but Edie hardly heard a word her friend was saying. She was looking down at the plain gray t-shirt and green pedal pushers and imagining the last girl who might have worn them. “Ede’s you there?”

“Yeah, I just...,” she looked up at him and felt a pain in her chest. “Fuck...I am so stupid,” she muttered, grabbing her purse and sliding sideways to get out of the booth. “Never mind okay Mia, just...please don’t tell anyone I told you,” she hissed into the phone, before folding it shut as she headed for the door, head down, avoiding the curious looks she was getting as she pushed the doors of the diner open and headed into the night, alone. 

Jon returned to the table to find the booth empty. He looked around the restaurant, expecting to see her emerging from the bathroom or maybe even just from getting a breath of air, but in all of the faces he scanned, he didn’t find hers’. He looked down at the burger on the plate in his hand and at the burgers he’d left on the table and then looked around again.

“Excuse me,” he turned to the pair of cops who had slid into the booth behind where he’d been sitting, “did you see the girl that was sitting here? Did she go to the washroom?” he asked, realizing that he sounded hopeful, his voice going up in pitch as he realized that he was feeling panicked. He immediately told himself that it was stupid to think like that, that no one was going to have kidnapped her right in front of a pair of the Windy City’s finest but....

“Yeah kid,” the older of the two officers smiled indulgently at him as he put down his cup of coffee beside his plate of apple pie. “I think she went outside to take a call.” Jon smiled at the officer, immediately feeling relieved, and then turned his gaze out of the windows that looked onto the street.

“Nah, she took a call and she didn’t like whatever she heard and then she left,” the younger officer, the one who had his back to their booth said and then looked up at Jon with a ‘them’s the breaks’ sort of half smile. “Sorry ‘bout that kid, but I think she scrammed on you.”

Part of Jon wanted to argue. The other part dropped the plate with the burger on it onto the table beside his uneaten ones and headed for the doors of the diner at a run.

Pushing the doors open, he scanned the mostly empty street. There was a guy on the corner wearing one of those MIA baseball hats, sitting on a piece of cardboard with an empty coffee cup with a few nickels and dimes in it. He hoped one of the waitresses would give the guy his burgers, but he didn’t have time to dig in his shorts for change now.

There was a group of young guys, college kids by the look of their sweatshirts and jeans, talking and laughing and something about the look of them made something twist in Jon’s stomach. A woman shouldn’t be out walking alone at the witching hour on the streets of Chicago. Maybe in Vancouver you could do that but here...?

A group of younger, tougher looking guys, a mixture of Hispanics and African American men were on the opposite corner, cat calling a group of girls in a car stopped at the light. Jon cursed under his breath and scanned the block again. Whatever had made her leave could not be important enough to get herself killed. Whatever it had been she should have come and got him.

Think, he told himself as he looked up the block the way they’d come from his apartment. She could go there, he thought, but then dismissed that idea. If she’d gotten an emergency call, she wouldn’t go back for a costume. She’d probably head straight for....

Back to her hotel!

Cab.... Jon scanned the streets and saw none. If she’d had time to call one, it wouldn’t be here yet. If she grabbed a cab off of the street....

“Sir,” digging in his pocket for his wallet, he pulled out a five and held it out toward the guy sitting on the cardboard. “Did you see a girl, about this tall,” he held his hand out half way up his chest, “brown hair in a t-shirt and...and....” He couldn’t think what he’d found her to wear, a t-shirt, yes but what else? “Did she get in a cab or...,” he hated the idea but, “did she get into someone’s car?” His voice rose as the panic that was making his pulse go through the roof made his chest tighten. The guy looked at the five and then smiled up at him.

“You two have a fight?” the guy asked, taking the five and making it disappear into one of the many pockets of his jacket. Jon stared at him, shaking his head. “Well looked like she was mad ‘bout somethin’,” the guy said with a shrug as he pointed West, down the street. “Headed that way, walkin’ pretty fast.”

Walking? Was she insane?

“Thanks,” Jon mumbled before he turned to take off down the street at a run.

“Hey, thank you!” the guy called after him and Jon thought he might have waved back, maybe not, he wasn’t sure. All he was sure of was that he had to find Edie before she was kidnapped, dragged off of the street, raped, tortured and ended up as a corpse on CSI. 

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Edie wrapped her arms around herself and cursed through her teeth. This had been a one night stand. That was all. She’d let her brain and her imagination get ahead of her and now she felt like an idiot for letting her heart get involved in something that was clearly only physical.

So what, she told herself firmly, that he was hung like a horse and for a change knew what to do with it. So what if he was funny and cute? He was still who he was and she was still Edie Campbell, nothing more, nothing less. They were never going to be a couple.

He lives in fucking Chicago for fuck’s sakes, she told herself, bitter laughter filling her head that sounded like it was coming from Halloween themed carnival ride. What did you think was going to happen? That he was going to propose to you after one night of hot sex?

It was totally hot sex, she thought with a rueful grin as she felt that ache between her thighs, but so what? So they had chemistry, that didn’t change the geographical truth that they lived thousands of miles from each other and besides, she sighed out loud as she thought how he was famous, the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks and she....

I sell fucking software to hotels, she reminded herself as she rounded a corner onto a dark street. You’re nobody and he’s somebody and....

“Where you goin’ pretty lady?”

Edie jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She’d been so deep in thought she hadn’t heard anyone approaching her. She whirled, ready to give Mr. Jonathan Toews a piece of her mind, only to find a young thug with tats right up to his neck wearing a wife beater and jeans that hung low over his hips, smiling at her and showing a neat set of shiny grills.

“How ‘bouts you hand over that wallet your carrying and then we’ll think about letting you go?” Another voice came out of the dark and Edie jumped again, this time letting out a little scream. Slapping her hand over her own mouth to stifle the sounds coming out of her lips, Edie backed away, one step, two steps and shook her head, her hand clutching her purse so hard she thought she could feel everything inside of it.

Lipstick, hotel room card, change purse, credit card. She took the inventory silently, ‘nothing worth dying over’ she told herself, willing her muscles to relax. Still, the first thought that popped in to her mind was ‘go fuck yourself’. The second thought was that she didn’t think she could run in these heels, wishing that Jonathan’s ‘sister’ had left behind some shoes she could have worn instead of these ridiculous heels.

“Hand it over sister and you don’t get hurt, maybe.” Edie forced herself to look back at the first, greasy, pimple faced kid. She thought about hitting him and trying to kick off her shoes and outrunning his buddy who was bigger, yes, but not in the kind of shape that said he could run more than maybe a couple of blocks without having a stroke.

“How about you both crawl back in the hole you just crawled out of and you let me past and I won’t call the cops,” she tried, though part of her brain was telling her that she was doing something stupid. ‘Well’ she told that part of her brain, ‘won’t be the first stupid thing I’ve done tonight’.

“Did you hear that Mouse?” the first kid, because that’s what they were she realized, looked over at his friend who could have easily passed for any linebacker in the NFL, and smiled. ‘Mouse’ she thought and shook her head, that would be like calling Toews ‘little dick’. ‘Oh so now you’re making jokes?’ she asked herself and backed up another step, wondering how far back it was to the main street and if she screamed, would anyone hear her? “The pretty lady thinks she’s gonna call the cops. Let me tell you sugar, cops don’t come to this neighbourhood.”

It did her no good now but Edie seemed to remember one of her clients telling her not to stray off of the main drags, that Chicago had good areas and bad areas. ‘Guess this is one of those’, Edie thought as she backed up again, gingerly stepping out of her shoes. She thought about picking them up but decided to leave her hands free. She was about to turn and run, but another male voice came out of the gloom.

“Why don’t you guys pick on someone your own size?” A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed that the voice that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up did indeed belong to the imposing over six foot frame of Jonathan Toews. Unable to help it, Edie shot him a look of undying gratitude before she was able to erase the relief from her face and replace it with a haughtier look of disdain, as if to say she could take care of this herself.

“Well c’mon, pretty boy, let’s see what you got.”

Jon brushed by her, putting her into his huge shadow. Edie stared up at his shoulders and felt a mixture of relief and fear. She didn’t want him to get hurt any more than she wanted to be hurt, and that surprised her.

“Believe me when I say you don’t want to do this,” Jonathan told them and Edie did her best to hide a smirk. Jonathan probably looked like a college kid but she knew how tough he was, but even so Edie shot a glance at the giant who was still waiting in the shadows. There was two of them and only one of Jon.

“Oooh pretty boy thinks he so tough,” the smaller thug made a move towards Jon and Edie watched his muscles tense. ‘Oh god, I just killed Jonathan Toews’ Edie thought, looking around, hoping to see a light go on in one of the homes nearby. She didn’t see a light go on, but she did see a pair of blue and red lights go on at the end of the block as the ‘whoop’ of a police siren.

“Oh thank god,” she hissed, the tension immediately leaking out of her body.

“We’ll take it from here,” a pudgy, older cop said as he stepped out of the car. He didn’t even seem to mind when the smaller of the two thugs took off down the block. She half expected Jon to take off after him, but was relieved when a younger, fitter looking officer emerged at a run. She was so busy watching the chase that she didn’t see Jon turn until she felt his hand clamp around her wrist and then she only saw his back as he pulled her along behind him.

“What the hell were you thinking?” He spun her around and pressed her against the brick facade of a nearby building. She could feel the sharp edges of the brick biting into her back but more painful was the intense look of fury on his face as he held her shoulders back, pushing them so hard she felt like he was trying to push her through the brick wall. 

Stupid woman!

He couldn’t remember the last time he was this angry or this scared. He’d been willing to take the beating for her but that didn’t mean he was happy about it. Even now, now that the cops that had been at the diner had taken over and he was pretty sure they were safe, his hands shook as he dragged her behind him down the street to a more brightly lit area.

His hands were still shaking when he spun her around and pressed her up against the wall of the nearest building. He wanted to shake her, wanted her to scream at her and he wanted to hug her against him and know she was safe.

“What the hell were you thinking?” He was still staring at her through the red haze of violence that had his heart pumping wildly trying to keep pumping oxygen to his brain and muscles. It was the same feeling he got when he was unceremoniously dumped on his ass on the ice or shoved head first into the boards. As far as the fight or flight response, the flight response had been trained out of him a long time ago. He wasn’t really a fighter, but he came up ready every time. “You could have been hurt! You could have been killed!” he growled at her, digging his fingers into her shoulders until she showed some expression on her face other than owl eyed shock.

“Yeah, well, you lied,” she replied petulantly, only her eyes giving away the fact that he’d probably scared her worse than those would be muggers had. He peered at her, trying to see through the scarlet haze, trying to make sense out of what she’d said.

“Lied?” he shook his head, trying to clear his vision. “What do you mean I lied?” he asked, incredulous and exasperated. She’d just walked off in the middle of the night and she was trying to blame him for...for what?

“You don’t have a sister,” she snarled back at him, leaving him momentarily speechless. At least until he laughed.

“That’s why you took off?” He let go of her and took a step back, staring at her in disbelief. Edie lifted her chin and shrugged a shoulder and started to walk away, again. Jonathan grabbed her shoulder and spun her around, and, grabbing her by her upper arms, kissed her, hard. He felt her hands press against his chest and her mere touch sent flames of desire licking quickly towards his loins. He groaned into her mouth and pressed his body against hers’, pushing himself up against her hard enough to cause her back to bend. He let his hands slide around to her back, up to her neck, cradling the back of her head as he kissed her.

Her hands balled into fists and she pummelled his chest. He broke off his kiss and stared down at her, trying his best not to smile and losing the battle. She opened her mouth but the only sound that came out was a feral growl and then her hand connected with his cheek in a slap that made him blink both in surprise and in actual pain. He was kind of glad she hadn’t made a fist. If she tried she would have a hell of a right hook.

“You’re making fun of me,” she snapped, her chin still high, colour brightening her cheeks, her eyes flashing dangerously under the streetlights. She looked damned sexy when she was angry. He should explain about how he’d come to think of Kaner’s sisters as his own, how he’d let them use his place while he stayed at Pat’s or Sharpie’s. He should explain that, but what he wanted to do was kiss her again, while she was like this, while she was spitting tacks and frothing at the mouth. He also wanted to be alone with her, now.

So he grabbed her again, his hand closing tightly around her wrist and pulled her down the street. She tried to pull her arm free but his grip was strong and when he was single minded about something, it was rare that anyone was able to change his mind or direction.

He pulled her into the nearest dark, apparently uninhabited alley, part of his mind screaming at him that this was a very bad idea, the other part needing to be inside of her, immediately. Pushing her up against the cement brick wall, he pressed himself against her, his hand going up to capture her face in his hand while he forced his tongue between her lips. His other hand made its way up beneath her t-shirt, cupping the weight of her breast in his hand, feeling her nipple hardening in the palm of his hand.

His cock throbbed where it pressed against her stomach. His brain was screaming at his to stop but his body was on fire and for once he was listening to his libido and not his conscience.

“I want you,” he whispered into her ear as he tweaked her nipple between his fingers, making her draw in a sharp breath between her teeth.

“Here? Now?” she sounded less shocked than he thought she should, but then he knew he shouldn’t be thinking about this at all.

“Yessss,” he moaned as her hand found his length, rubbing him through his shorts. He was going to embarrass himself. He was going to cum in his shorts if he didn’t do something quick. “Now,” he added, moving her hand away so he could pull down his shorts while she worked the buttons on her borrowed pants and shoved them down over her hips. 

This was crazy. They were going to get caught. They were going to get arrested.

She could see the headlines now. ‘Captain Serious Caught with his Pants Down’ or better yet ‘Captain Serious in Serious Trouble’. She imagined a photographer catching them now, in flagrante delicto, Jonathan with his shorts around his feet and her, half way up a wall with his cock buried deep inside of her. She imagined Patrick Kane tweeting it and laughing at them. She was sure he’d never hear the end of it. She knew she wouldn’t.

She barely remembered that she was supposed to be mad at him. That was hard to do with her ass pressed against a cold cement wall and all of his more than ten inches shoved up inside of her. She held on, her hands clasped around his neck and told herself that she could be angry later. Right now she was too close and too afraid of being caught to argue but she was damn sure she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know how turned on she was.

Whether it was adrenalin from almost being mugged, raped and left for dead or from having sex in an alley, Edie’s entire body was tingling He’d barely had to touch her to light a fire in her. That look, the same determined, wild look he had in his eyes now had been enough to make her drench her panties. Having Captain Serious shove himself deep inside of her in public had her panting the muscles in the pit of her stomach doing the fucking samba. She was going to cum and cum hard but she wasn’t going to scream his name.

He was close too. She could tell by the way he was breathing and how dilated his pupils were. Grinning down at him she squeezed her muscles around his cock and watched him gasp for air. She could have just as easily squeezed his balls, had she been able to reach, but it had the same effect.

She felt him let go, felt his dick spasm deep inside of her as jet after jet of cum filled her. His eyes squeezed shut and only then did she let herself go, pressing her mouth to his shoulder and biting down to stifle her screams.


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