Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chapter 3

Sorry for the wait but I hope this is worth it

He certainly didn’t kiss like a virgin, she thought, but after an hour of heated tonsil hockey and dry humping like a couple of teenagers engaging in an adult game of seven minutes in heaven she was beginning to wonder. Not that she objected to being pawed and petted, and she certainly admired his obvious self control, but on the other hand, she felt like she was going to run out of saliva soon and her lips were actually starting to hurt. He was also avoiding certain obvious avenues that would go a long way to moving this whole make out session forward; like the slit up to there on her dress. 

Right now his hand was on her thigh but no matter how much she tried to squirm he wouldn’t move it, at least not in a northerly direction. Down, yes he would do down, and behind her knee and up again but no farther than half way and it was making Edie just a little bit crazy, especially considering she’d not only removed the tie and the jacket but had his shirt undone as well.
Running the flat of her hand across his massive shoulders, she heard his sharp intake of breath and smiled. So, she wasn’t the only one that was having a hard time getting enough oxygen to make her brain work. 

She glanced up at him and gave him a wicked smile. Beads of sweat had broken out across his forehead and his lips were slightly parted. He looked…well, frankly, he looked terrified. 

Oh this is too much fun’ she thought as she kissed and nibbled her way south of his collarbones until she reached the tiny pink peaks of nipples. Experimentally, she flicked her tongue against one hard little bud and then watched as he grimaced. Wondering if that was a good face or a bad face, she drew a warm, wet circle around it, slowly dragging the tip of her tongue around it until he squirmed and made a mewling sound, like a kitten. 

Ah, good sound’ she decided and then bit down, tugging on the little pink nub while she ran her hand down over his washboard abs to the formidable erection that was straining against the front of his suit pants, practically begging to be set free. His hand fisted in her hair and she had to let go of his nipple or tear it off as he forced her to look up at him, or rather, to meet his kiss as his mouth came crashing down over hers’. 

He kissed her like he meant it, like he was trying to force his body through hers’, his tongue invading her mouth like a marine hitting the beach, armed and dangerous. She gave his dick a squeeze through his pants and he moaned into her mouth, a sound of pure white flag surrender that made her to pounce on him and stick a flag in the middle of his amazingly sculpted chest and declare his body ‘Edietopia’. 

Crawling astride his lap, she took control of the high ground, pressing down on his massive shoulders as her tongue parried with his. She felt his hands on her ass and pressed down against them, grinding her drenched panties into his lap at the same time.  He moaned into her mouth and lifted his hips, pressing the length and width of his rock hard dick against her and she gasped, knowing she’d do more than that when that monster ripped her in two. She rubbed against him, knowing she could make herself cum just like this, with no more help from him. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait anyway. 

“Are you sure?” he asked breathlessly as she unlocked her lips from his so that she could gasp for breath as the first spasms made her squeeze her eyes shut and swear. 

“Sure?” she hissed into his ear, grabbing his hand off of her ass and leading it around to her thigh and pushing it upwards, towards her panties. He pulled back and no amount of pressure on her part could make his hand move. He was too fucking strong. “If you don’t fucking do it, I’ll sit here and take care of things myself and you can just watch,” she promised, her lips just touching the shell of his ear. She felt his entire body shudder beneath hers’ and grinned to herself. He was probably picturing her getting her freak on for his benefit. “Oh you like that do you? Do you want me to play with myself while you watch?” She had no intention of doing it. If she was going to have to go to that extreme she was fucking well going to lock herself in the bathroom and use the shower wand. 

“Wou…would you?” he stammered, looking up at her with giant bambi eyes. It was a good thing he was cute or she would have climbed off of him then and there and headed for the bathroom. 

“Maybe,” she purred instead, sliding her hand in between them and stroking it along the impressively hard length of him through his pants, feeling him twitch against her hand. “But I’d rather have you play with me…Captain,” she added, running her tongue along her bottom lip before biting down and sucking her lip into her mouth and batting her eyelashes at him coquettishly. 

“I’d…I’d like to…I mean I’ve never watched….” He blushed a deep crimson and Edie found herself staring down at him, unsure if she was amused or pissed off. 

“You really want to watch?” he nodded eagerly, his grip on her loosening as she stared down at him. “I must be out of my fucking mind.” Edie slid off of his lap and stood, offering her hand. Sitting there with his eyes all wide and this silly grin on his face he made her feel like a cougar preying on a cub. “Well come on then,” she snapped, wiggling her fingers at him until he put his warm hand in hers’ and then, turning, she lead him to the bedroom.

The guys will never believe this’ was the thought that kept going through his head as Jon watched her peel herself out of the curve hugging dress until she could step out of it, leaving her standing in front of him in absolutely nothing. He wiped at the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand, incase he was actually drooling as he watched her crawl onto the bed beside where he was sitting. Now he understood what Kaner meant that some of the chicks he fucked were girls and some, a few of them, were women. There was nothing girlish about her, he thought as she propped herself among his pillows, some of which, he was suddenly ashamed to realize, were still sporting Blackhawk pillow covers, a joke gift from ex-teammate Andrew Ladd. 

Luckily she didn’t seem to notice. Her sultry gaze was locked on him as she settled into the nest and then drew her knees up, baring the very centre of her femininity to his greedy gaze. His mouth was dry and he kept licking his lips as he watched her slowly slide her fingers down over her breasts, her smile growing just that little bit as she cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples between her forefinger and thumb.  

His dick ached as he watched her hand slide lower, down between her thighs until she parted her nether lips so that he could see their glimmering pink insides. He glanced up to find her gaze trained on him and he swallowed, with some difficulty before he looked back down, to find her fingers making slow circles over her clit.

He squeezed his dick through his slacks and thought about pulling it out, except he always felt worried about doing that. In his experience, some girls reacted badly when they saw what he was packing. He’d been told more than once that some things were just too big and even a couple of the more willing and adventurous types had taken one look at his trouser snake, grabbed their panties and left.

Of course she’d already grabbed a hold of it and hadn’t turned tail yet, not that he wouldn’t mind getting a hold of her tail and….

Her fingers dipped into her honey pot and came out gleaming. She held her hand out towards him, offering a taste, and Jon didn’t need to be asked twice. 

Leaning forward he drew her fingers into his mouth. She tasted sweet, like warm, slightly salty honey. He held her gaze as he licked her fingers clean, and then, as she went to slide her fingers back between her thighs, he gently pushed her hand aside and dove in, spreading her pussy lips wide as he eagerly dove in, tongue digging deep into her honey hole. 

He heard her cry out, though the sound was muffled as she pressed her thighs together, essentially putting him into a headlock. Not that he minded at all. This was another thing that those girls that they sometimes picked up at local clubs didn’t seem much interested in. They would squeal and squeeze their thighs together and make noises like they were grossed out by the idea. Jonathan was pretty sure he could spend all night giving head if she let him, and by the sounds she was making and the way she was grinding her pussy against his face, he thought she might just do that. 

Her fingers were digging into his scalp and he felt her thighs begin to quiver. She was going to cum and that was fine with him. He slid two fingers into her, bending them upward and began to search for that spongy mass of cells, the elusive g-spot that would make her scream. When she raised her hips off of the bed and he felt her fingernails drawing blood from the sides of his head, he made a mental note to thank Sharpie for the advice the next time he saw him. 

The orgasm ripped through her, almost unexpectedly. She felt an electric shock, like a bolt of lightening rip through her, from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet and it made her entire body go rigid. She could feel her fingernails digging into his head but couldn’t stop herself from doing it. She clenched her teeth but the scream escaped anyway, like jagged glass ripping through her throat and heard herself calling out his name.

It took her a few minutes to catch her breath, not that he was waiting for her to come down all the way. He was lapping, albeit slowly, at her clit. She almost wanted to ask him to stop, to take a god damn break so she could get her bearings. 

Almost, but not quite. Now that he’d finally shed the leave it beaver image and was getting nasty, she wasn’t really that eager for him to stop, especially considering, once she wasn’t seeing stars anymore, she realized that he was actually spelling out words with his tongue.


“Son of a bitch, you’re playing hockey word games on my pussy?” she panted, staring down the line of her body only to have him look up at her with a shit eating grin. 

“Yeah,” he raised his eyebrows and added a third finger inside of her. “Want me to stop?” 

Hellllll noooo,” she moaned, tipping her head back and grabbing hold of the thick down comforter, twisting it in her fists as she held on for dear life. 




Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy gooooddddd!” Edie screamed and arched her back off the bed as the second orgasm made her feel like her body was being ripped in two, in the best possible way. She was still gulping for air and watching black spots dance in front of her eyes when she felt his hands on her thighs, forcing them farther apart. “Are you kidding you’ve got to let me….” Her voice trailed away to nothing as she looked down at the long, thick hard rod of his cock pointing at her opening. “Jesus Christ it’s the mother ship,” she murmured appreciatively, though a hint of apprehension made her voice sound higher than usual. 

“Say if you want me to stop,” he told her wearing his Captain Serious face and Edie believed that he meant it. If she asked, if she said no, he would stop because, after all, like Don Cherry said, Jonathan Toews is a good Canadian kid. 

Instead of giving him the verbal go ahead, she merely reached down, curled her fingers around as much of the one eyed monster as she could and guided the ocean liner into dock. She watched him edge his way in, as if he thought she’d suddenly tell him to stop, to back out. Or maybe he was waiting for the spot in her body that would say it for her. Either way, as he pushed her knees back towards her body, she took him, and took him until her eyes rolled back in her head when he finally slid home and reached a spot no other man had ever touched inside of her. 

Holy sheeeeeeeeeit!” she gasped, once more digging her fingers into the quilt as her body squeezed his in welcome. He answered with a gasp of his own, and when she looked up, he was looking at her like she’d just performed some kind of miraculous open heart surgery, like a boy looks at his hero, like kids probably looked up at him. 

“Is it…is it okay?” he asked and Edie couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Okay?” she breathed, trying to figure out how to tell him that she felt like she was impaled on a railway tie. “Yeah, it’s completely o….oh god.” He moved. It was just a slight rotation of his hips and his mighty thighs but it was enough to send her already sensitive and highly aroused body into convulsions of ecstasy. He smiled then, that sort of crooked smile that was his very own and said that not only was he very happy, but that he was on new and rarely trod ground.  “You weren’t lying when you said you don’t do this often,” she gasped as he threw one of her legs over his shoulder so he could press the flat of his hand against her pelvic bone, pushing it down so that it and she squeezed even tighter around him. 

“No,” he smiled at her as he pulled his hips back and then made a stronger, faster thrust forward that stole all of the air from her lungs. “I wasn’t lying,” he added, rotating his hips as he pulled her other leg up so that her ankles were resting on his massive shoulders, “and no, I really don’t get to do this,” he emphasized the word with a shallow but sharp thrust that made Edie whimper as the head of his cock slid against her g-spot, “nearly enough.” 

He almost came. The moment he’d slid into her hot, wet tunnel, he’d almost lost control. It had only been the breathing exercises taught to him by teammates who’d gone to the big show before, guys like Ladd and Hossa, that had helped him get past the first, breathless moment when everything had gone star filter and he’d got lightheaded and felt like he was going to pass out. It was a heady combination of her pale, curvaceous body spilled out on his red sheets like some kind of Maxim wet dream along with the fact that all the blood in his body was now in cock. 

As it was, he wasn’t going to last. He’d already been dealing with this hard on for the better part of two hours and the sight and smell of her was better than anything he’d imagined since the moment he’d laid eyes on her. Still, he didn’t want to send her back to Vancouver thinking that the Captain of the Hawks was anything less than a gentleman and a gentleman never sent a lady home unsatisfied. 

Having her ankles on his shoulder and her long, shapely legs pressed against his torso, Jon began to use his strength and her current position as leverage, pulling her hips off of the bed and making long, deep strokes that alternatively made her pant and whimper. Those were good sounds, to be sure, but what he wanted was for this sexy Canucks fan to beg. He wanted her to beg for the Captain of the Hawks to give her release. Only then would he allow himself the pleasure of draining his balls deep inside her tunnel of love. 

Shit! Now he was sounding like Kaner.

Jon almost laughed, and his thoughts must have shown on his face because her expression went from almost blissful to quizzical in a second. He tried to overcome hearing Kaner’s egotistical ramblings in his head, but the more he tried, the more bullshit he heard and the harder it was not to laugh. Finally she squirmed out of his grasp and further up into the pillows where she sat with her legs tucked up and her arms crossed over her generous chest and scowled. 

She should have looked like a temperamental child but instead she looked beautiful, albeit stubborn, what with her mussed sex hair and her body misted by the faint gleam of sweat. He knelt there, staring at her, still trying not to laugh and admiring her all at once until she picked up on of his pillows, one of the ones with the Indian head logo on it, and tossed it at him, with force. 

“What the fuck is so fucking funny?” she snapped, and now she did look a little more like a petulant child about to throw a tantrum. 

“I’m sorry,” he apologized honestly, crawling up the bed so he could mould himself to her back, pulling her shoulders back towards him and kissing her neck. “I was...I had this stupid thought in my head.” He didn’t want to bring Pat into this. She hated Pat, that much was clear and he was really hoping the moment wasn’t ruined and talking about his curly haired teammate would likely cool her jets entirely. “I just want to make sure you don’t go back to Vancouver thinking that a Hawks player hasn’t got it.” 

She was entirely still in his arms for a moment and then her shoulders began to shake, followed by the sound of barely stifled laughter and then she grabbed a pillow and threw herself face down into it and howled. 

It was his turn to feel put out. It was funny, granted, Jon thought, just not that funny. He sat there, silent, while she slammed her fists into the mattress, kicked and laughed until she finally looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. 

“What?” he snapped, all feelings of romance having fled while he watched her laugh, at him. She smiled, and sort of hiccupped and then scrambled to a seated position, hugging one of those damn pillows to her chest. 

“I’m sorry it’s’re so fucking competitive. As far as I know sex isn’t a competitive sport and it’s not like I’m about to admit to any ‘Nucks players to doing this. I mean...I don’t even know any of them so.... Oh c’mon you’re Captain Serious so of course you’d turn a one night stand into a fucking Olympic event and of course you’d win the gold medal for it too,” she added with a grin as she tipped her head to one side so that all of her dark hair cascaded over her shoulder. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you but...that is kinda funny, right?” 

Jonathan had to admit that, when put that way, it was fairly humorous. The guys would laugh, if he told them, which he wouldn’t, at least not about this part. He’d especially never tell Pat. If he did, he’d never hear the end of it. 

Fortunately, the moment of frivolity was over and the way her hair was catching the light from the moon that was streaming through the window had returned his thoughts to things more carnal and as he reached out to rake his fingers through it, she caught his wrist in her hand and pressed her lips to the inside of his arm. Flames shot across his skin and his cock pulsed and no, that had not gone down, even when she laughing. 

He was still a little angry and hurt that she’d laughed at him, and he used that emotion like he would heading back onto the ice after a bad first period. He grabbed her, turned her to face the headboard and pressed her hands to the wrought iron bars. He watched while her fingers curled around the twisted metal, and then he knelt behind her, pushing her feet apart with his knees while he nudged his cock back into her molten core. 

She threw her head back, all of that hair falling into his face and she sighed. That was a good sound, a very good sound, he thought, as he slid his hands around to cup her breasts, feeling her nipples harden in his palms as he began to move within her in slow, even thrusts.  

He couldn’t quite find the end of her, like he had before. Not from this angle. But this angle had it’s own advantages. She was tight, tighter this way and the pressure of her muscles squeezing around his dick as she tried to accommodate him made his head swim. He really wasn’t going to last now. 

He slid one hand up and tipped her head back further, so he could capture her mouth. He kissed her, or at least he kissed some of her mouth as he pushed himself up inside of her. He could feel the walls of her pussy tightening around him and he knew she was getting close. ‘Her first’ he told himself firmly as his other hand slid down, down over the slight curve of her stomach, down over the smooth mound with its’ small neat ‘v’ of dark hair and into her crease until he found that hard little pearl. He pressed his fingers to it and her entire body shuddered. She whispered his name and he pressed harder, using his thighs and the bounce of the mattress to force himself into her, harder, deeper. 

She cried out, her body beginning to tremble as her juices made her core slippery and warm. It was only because she was tight, so tight, from this angle that he could stay inside of her. He felt his balls constrict as she reached around and dug her fingernails into his ass, pushing him, trying to make him go deeper. He locked one arm around her waist and pressed his fingers to her clit in the same small circles she had made with her own fingers and he felt her pussy clench, hard and then everything went black and he was roaring her name to the night.


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  3. "If she asked, if she said no, he would stop because, after all, like Don Cherry said, Jonathan Toews is a good Canadian kid"....aaaand because he's not a rapist :)