Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 19

 sorry this is kind of a short chapter but considering I couldn't bear to tear myself away from all of the hockey hotness on all weekend, can you blame me? I promise the next chapter will be loooong

“How can we even…there’s no room.”

Carolyn had been right. The purple slinky halter top had worked exactly as she had promised that it would. The minute they’d got on the plane and Edie had taken off her jacket, Jon hadn’t been able to keep his eyes, or hands, off of her. Now they were in the cramped bathroom of the private jet and Jon was doing his best to get her out of her pants and up onto the sink. She couldn’t help but think how cute he was when he got frustrated.

“Slow down Tiger,” she whispered into his ear as he looked for some place to put her pants now that he had them off. “We’ve got lots of time. Unless of course someone else needs to go to the bathroom,” she added, just to make him even more flustered. “Now put those on the towel bar,” she told him and then, curling her fingers around his tie, pulled him to her, “and come here.” The insecurity and uncertainty leaked out of his eyes as she brought her mouth against his. Now he was more like the player she’d seen out on the ice tonight, focused and determined which was becoming a heady combination to her.

She moaned into his mouth as he led her hand down to his pants, pressing her hand over the erection that was straining against his suit pants. She lowered his zipper and slid her hand inside and he groaned for her, his body swaying forward as she slid her hand down to cup his balls.

She’d made sure, as she had taken off her coat, that he had got an eyeful of skin, that he couldn’t miss the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He’d been shifting uncomfortably in his seat ever since and now, as she ran her fingers up the solid lengths of him where it pressed against his pelvic bone, he actually whimpered.

“I have to be inside of you, now” he moaned, pressing his forehead to hers’, his fingers digging into the flesh of her thighs. Luckily, having watched him play and having teased him while the entire team waited for wheels up was foreplay enough and Edie eased him free of his boxer briefs and aimed the head of his cock at her entrance. With a grunt and swivel of his hips, he slid easily inside and Edie gasped.

“Oh shit,” she grasped the edge of the sink and then locked her ankles behind his back. “I keep thinking that I’ll get used to this…you’re so big,” she whispered to him.

“I want you so much Edie,” he told her, his lips brushing her cheek, the corner of her jaw, her temple. “I’ve been thinking of you all afternoon. Of being with you,” he added, moving his mouth towards hers until their tongues touched before his lips crashed onto hers’ like it was necessary, like if he didn’t he’d die.

He was slamming into her, short, hard thrusts, their bodies hardly separating at all, like he was racing to the end. There would be time for long, drawn out, romantic joining later. This was good, Edie thought, apt. She’d been licking her lips at the thought of him out of his hockey gear, and he’d obviously been anticipating being with her again and so now they made love like they’d been starving and had suddenly been tossed a loaf of bread, eager, ravenous and insatiable. 

“Harder, please baby,” she gasped, tightening her thighs around him. Jon responded by grabbing the edge of the sink and using it to pull himself into her and redoubled his efforts, his body working like a perfect machine, like a jack hammer, pounding against her and into her so that all Edie could do was hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride.

“Cum for me Edie,” Jon hissed into her ear, and then kissed his way down to her neck where he dug his teeth in. He must have been able to feel how close she was. “I can’t hold on too long baby, cum for me,” he growled against her neck. Peeling his fingers away from the edge of the sink, Edie guided his fingers between her thighs and he did the rest. She gasped and her entire body went rigid as he rubbed his fingers against her clit.

“Yes, yes!” she cried out. Jon’s other hand was suddenly across her mouth, muffling her voice as his dark eyes shone a warning. Edie grinned behind his hand. As if every single member of the team didn’t already know exactly what they were doing. She pressed her lips to the palm of his hand but he didn’t remove it. Instead, he slid his other hand up her back and into the side of her halter top to twist and pinch her nipple, making her head fall back and a high pitched cry escaped her lips. He slammed into her, once, twice and then one last time before she felt his body suddenly stiffen and then his balls began to empty themselves into her, his cock pulsating inside of her. She was not far behind him, with Jon’s fingers still rubbing fervently against her clit, Edie found herself falling against his chest, uttering a loud, high pitched cry as the orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Jesus, they’re all going to hear you,” Jon mumbled, his strong arms going around her, holding her to him as they both fought to catch their breath.

“I sort of think they’ll have already had a pretty good idea what we came in here for,” she grinned, detaching herself just enough to look into his boyishly handsome face. “Do you care?” Jon shrugged and showed her that crooked smile of his but the colour in his face wasn’t just from exertion.

“They probably won’t let me hear the end of it,” he admitted, reaching up cup her cheek with his hand and guide her lips to his. “You know, the whole Captain Seriously no fun thing,” he added with a shrug of one shoulder to match his crooked grin.

“They’re just jealous,” she promised him, kissing him softly, once, twice, before he helped her down off of the sink and then he reached back for her pants, which he handed to her and did his best to give her enough space to put them on.

“They’ll still give me a hard time,” he warned her.

“Do you really care?” she asked, doing up her zipper as she looked up at him. He shrugged again and then reached for her, drawing her into his arms and against his chest.

“Not while you’re around, no.” 

He tried not to let the wolf whistles and cat calls that made them when the door to the bathroom opened, but Jon couldn’t remember the last time he’d blushed this hard. It seemed like everyone was watching him follow her down the aisle of the plane, including Coach Quenneville, who, in a rare display of levity was giving them a golf clap. Jon desperately wanted to just get to their seats and maybe hide under his jacket until they touched down in Vegas. Edie, on the other hand, was blowing kisses, bowing and curtseying as she walked in front of him, like it didn’t bother her one bit.

As soon as he could, Jon practically dove into his seat and slid down until his knees practically were touching his chin. Edie stood in the aisle and just shook her head.

“They’re just teasing you,” she chided him as she slid into the seat beside him and reached over to poke him in the ribs. Jon stared at the back of seat in front of him.

“I suppose you’ve done that before,” he mumbled, hating that she seemed so god damn secure with herself right in this moment. He knew he was being unfair, blaming her for the way he felt but he couldn’t help himself.

“I don’t recall ever saying as I was a virgin,” Edie snapped back, immediately crossing her arms across her chest and sat back heavily in the seat. They sat in charged silence for a while and then she sighed and reached over and slid her hand over top of his. He spread his fingers, inviting her to lace her fingers in his and then he sat, staring at the way their hands looked together. “No, I am not currently a member of the mile high club,” she whispered, “but you shouldn’t hold it against me if I was.”

“I wouldn’t…I don’t,” he sighed and brought her hand up to his mouth, pressing his lips firmly against her knuckles. “I’m sorry…I just…it’s the whole Captain Serious thing. Sometimes…sometimes I just hate that if I do something Kaner would do and no one would make a big deal of it if he did it but do if I do it then it becomes this big deal and everyone makes it into this enormous thing…,” he looked over at her and she was listening, watching him with a faint smile on her face. “I know…you don’t get it…I mean, why should you,” he sighed and turned to look out the window into the darkness but when he tried to drop her hand, she wouldn’t let go.

“So let them,” she said in a whisper as she leaned in, folding up the arm rest and pressing her body nearer to his. “They’ll only keep doing it as long as you rise to it.”

“Now you sound like my mom,” he grumbled, sinking further into his seat.

“Yeah well, sometimes moms have good advice,” she replied, digging her finger into his side until he returned his attention to her. “You know all the girls in school were always shitty to me because of my boobs,” she whispered to him. Jon glanced down at where the slippery fabric brushed over her breasts. They were more than a handful, he knew. He knew them by Braille, he could close his eyes and trace every centimeter of the pale, round flesh in his mind. They were perfect.

“They were just jealous,” he replied, immediately feeling both protective and defensive of her. Edie smiled and raised her eyebrows. “Yeah, okay, I get it,” he sighed, knowing he’d been caught. “It is a little different with guys,” he pointed out to which she only shrugged.

“Yeah, guys are even less mature,” she pointed out, sliding her hand in between the buttons of his light blue dress shirt, “and Patrick will probably be chasing dancers around Vegas while you and I,” she looked up at him with a playful smile, “will be sitting by the Pool of the Gods sipping Mai Tai’s and getting a tan.”  

“About that,” Jon removed her hand from his stomach, which was giving him ideas about going back into that cramped airplane bathroom. “I was thinking about some rides I’d like to go on. You know, like the roller coaster at New York New York and the Big Shot on the Stratosphere.” He watched as Edie went a little green at the thought.

“I’m really not that good with heights,” she moaned. Her friend Carolyn had already warned him about that, which was fine because a moment of weakness was something he was planning on using to his advantage, but she didn’t need to know that.

“I promise to hold your hand,” he told her and she sighed but nodded. Jon smiled to himself and then sat back and closed his eyes, still holding her hand. Now all he needed was to get the ring, and have her say yes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter 18

 soooo sorry about how long it's taken me to do this...yickey stuff going on at work it's just sort of hard for me to get into a good head space so my apologies but here is another installment

Edie lifted her face into the spray and momentarily wished that the water was hot, black coffee to help her wake up. Not that she wanted to. What she wanted was to be back in that bed, snuggled into Jon’s big, warm body. Not for sex. She wasn’t sure she could, even if she wanted to. Her body felt like she’d been doing sessions of Wipeout over and over again. No, what she wanted was sleep.

Edie pressed her hands against the tiles and let the hot water pummel her back. She wished she could sleep in, just for an hour. Jon didn’t have to be at the rink until ten. Edie was fairly sure she’d be on her third, maybe fourth espresso by then, if she wasn’t asleep, face first on the blotter on her desk.

“I thought you were gone.” A smile crept across her face as she felt his hands slide around her waist, the width of his chest press against her back and his lips brush gently against her shoulder. Without saying a word, Edie leaned back and let him hold her. She slid her hands along his forearms until their fingers were laced and then she turned, craning her neck to look up at him. “So do you really have to beat up on my Nucks to take me to Vegas?”

“That’s the idea,” he told her, kissing her cheek. “Why? You gonna be mad at me if we do?”

“I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it,” Edie replied honestly, leaning her head back against his chest and closing her eyes.

“You do still want to go to Vegas, right?” he asked quietly. She nodded. “And are you…you’re gonna give your notice today, right?”

“Oh, yeah, about that…I don’t know,” Edie began, and felt him go suddenly still. “It’s just…I mean…I know I said I’d think about it and I have but…it’s a big step.” He said nothing, but she felt his hands tighten around hers’. “You could have changed your mind. I mean, after last night,” she continued, still waiting for him to interject; to say something, anything, but he didn’t. Not for a long time. Not for long enough that the water started to get cold

“I haven’t…I won’t,” he answered somberly, letting go of one of her hands to reach forward and shut off the water, and then he turned her to face him and cupped her cheek in his hand. “I won’t,” he repeated, his gaze earnest, determined. “I’m in love with you Eden. I was yesterday, I am today and I will be tomorrow and every day after that.”
It was as if the air got thick, or had disappeared altogether. Edie’s felt her chest tighten and it felt like she had to work to breathe. He was waiting for an answer to the question he’d left unspoken, but she’d heard it all the same. Part of her brain was telling her to stay the course, to do what was logical, to tell him she needed time but the expression in his eyes told her that wasn’t the answer that he was waiting for and it wasn’t the answer that sprang to her lips.

“I guess I’m giving my notice,” she told him, leaning into his hand and smiling up at him, watching that boyish grin that she loved altering his features, taking years off of his face.

“That’s my girl,” he whispered against her mouth before he pressed his lips over hers and wrapped her up in his arms.

“There he is, the pussy whipped wonder boy,” Predictably Kaner was the first one to greet Jon as he dragged his butt into the rink. “You gave in to her kinda quick didn’t you?”

“I got a blowjob in a taxi and then had sex like six times. What did you do last night?” Jon sneered at his curly mopped teammate and continued walking past. He ached. Ever single muscle and bone in his body ached but he couldn’t stop grinning.

“Damn man, you didn’t get a wink of sleep did you?” Sharpie laughed, patting Jon on the back. I hope you’re planning on getting in some zees this afternoon.”

“Maybe,” Jon shrugged, dropping down onto the bench in the visitor’s dressing room at Roger’s Arena. “Then again, maybe not,” he added with a private smile. Edie had dragged him back to bed and he’d had to remind himself that he was a professional and that he had to come to work today. All he’d wanted was to stay in bed all day, curled around her, running his hands over her soft smooth skin.

“Right on. High five!” Brooksy held his hand up. Jon considered hitting it and then shook his head.

“It’s not like I just hit some random chick. I know you guys are just gonna laugh but…I love her. I even think I’m gonna ask her to marry me.” The entire room fell silent, like a tomb. Jon looked around. He wasn’t surprised by the reaction. In fact it was exactly the reaction that he expected. He was just waiting for the recriminations. No one was looking at him. No one, that is, except Kane. “Go on. Tell me I’m insane and that I’m stupid and that she’s not worth it. Go on. At least do it to my face, not behind my back.”

“No one’s gonna say anything like that. Right boys?” Soups looked around the room and everyone, save Kane, nodded.

“Ah c’mon. It’s not just me that thinks it’s crazy right? C’mon….” Kaner looked around the room, waiting for back up that didn’t come. “Shoot…whatever man. I’m hittin’ the ice.” Jon watched Pat grab his stick and stomp out of the room.

“He’s just pissed about losing his wing man,” Pisey gave Jon’s shoulder a squeeze and grinned. “You know he can’t get chicks on his own. Too short.” Jon nodded and smiled. He didn’t want Pat to be mad but he wasn’t going to run after him and beg him to understand either. He knew what he was feeling wasn’t the result of any kind of mental illness, unless love was the result of some kind of chemical imbalance and if it was, he was okay with it.

“I guess I don’t care if you guys all think I’m nuts. I’m still gonna do it,” he told the rest of the guys in the room. Most of them nodded, some of them shrugged.

“You sure you’re not gonna scare her away? I mean, you hardly know her,” Sharpie pointed out, but in a tone that said he was actually concerned for Jon and not that he disapproved.

“Yeah, I’ve thought of that,” Jon replied calmly. He’d thought of little else since they’d parted at O’Hare. “And if I do, I’ll just chase after her until she gives in.”

“Stalk the girl…hot,” Pisey laughed and that made Jon smile.

“So…have you got the ring and everything?” Sharpie asked. Jon shook his head. “So it’s some kind of heirloom? Your grandmother’s or something?” Again, Jon shook his head.

“No, we were way too poor for any of that kind of stuff back in Winnipeg,” he told them with a grin, “so I thought I’d get something in Vegas.”

“Classy,” Turco smirked but Jon just shrugged it off. They’d have rocks the size of his heart there, he was pretty sure of that and nothing else was good enough to let Edie know how much he cared.

“You’re not wearing that,” Carolyn didn’t even look up from painting her nails. It’s like she knew Edie’s closet by sound.

“This is what I always wear to games. It’s cold at the rink Cars. I’m not wearing a tube top and hot shorts,” Edie snapped back, slipping her Bieksa jersey off of the hanger. Carolyn smirked, obviously getting a giggle out of the image that created in her head, but shook her golden curls.

“Nah, I was more thinking something classy, something Dr.Zhivago.” Edie put the skinny jeans back on the shelf and turned to face her friend, hands on hips.

“I don’t wear fur,” she pointed out.

“I just mean something more covered up, something that will leave a little more to the imagination. You were just saying how you’ve basically spent the whole time you’ve known him naked or close to it. So…get Victorian on his ass and wear that Russian military style coat over ummm….” Carolyn closed her eyes and Edie was sure that her friend was mentally going through her closet. She even moved her hands like she was pushing hangers along. “Wear your black and suit pants, you know the ones with the purple pin stripe and…maybe that purple flashy top with the…,” Carolyn’s hands went to her throat as if she was feeling the metal clasp the halter top had at the opening of the throat, “you know, the one with no back on it. That way, you’ll be warm at the game and then later, when he gets the coat off…ta-dah!” Carolyn’s eyes opened and she grinned.

“You should have been a fashion designer,” Edie sighed, turning back to her closet in search of the suggested pieces.

“Too much work. I just want someone to be my sugar daddy so I can buy nothing but Prada and Chanel and buy me a walk in closet for a wedding present.” Edie shook her head. Someone watched Sex and the City waaayy too much.

“So are you gonna come with and see about Kaner filling that role?” Edie asked, taking the pants out and laying them on the end of her bed. Carolyn smiled but didn’t answer.

He looked up into the stands as he walked around the bench and onto the ice. There was a smattering of Hawks jerseys in the stands, less than last year. A lot of the local boys had ended up on other teams after they’d brought the come home. Jon assumed Ladd’s folks wouldn’t be here en force as they had been, but Brookie’s folks were. He nodded to them, but went back to scanning the crowd.

She had to be here.

He wondered if she’d wear his jersey, or a Canuck’s jersey. He hoped it would be his even while he sort of thought that it wouldn’t.

He took a lap of the ice, feeling that sort of ache in his thighs that he always got when he hadn’t had enough sleep. He’d desperately wanted to go back to her place for his afternoon nap but Coach had taken one look at the circles under his eyes and had forbidden it. He wanted her, but he also wanted to play and he didn’t want to let the rest of the guys down.

He dug the blades of his skates into the ice and listened to the familiar sounds of the other guys around him doing the same thing, getting a feel for the ice. The cool air woke him up faster than anything else. That and the adrenalin of seeing the Canucks players hit the ice and hearing the fans applauding and yelling for their team.

Vancouver hates the Hawks. Some of these people, he thought to himself, screamed for him and the rest of the guys not that long ago when he’d won a gold medal out on this same ice. Winning the Cup had been amazing and he would never forget it, but there had been a special pride, a distinct feeling of awe when the crowd in this building had roared as one when Crosby had put the biscuit in the basket that day. The entire nation had roared in their ears.

Now his blood roared in his ears as he looked up and saw her standing behind the glass right next to the bench. There was a sea of people over near the Canucks bench. There was only a few bodies near the Hawks bench and somehow she’d made it there, was standing there behind the glass, smiling at him. His heart missed a beat and he stood there, centre ice, staring at her, wearing a big stupid grin on his face.

She lifted her hand and bent her fingers in a minute gesture of greeting.  Jon waved back, like a little kid would, seeing his parents after a two weeks at camp. He wanted to run toward her in the same happy, uninhibited sort of way. Shit, it had only been a few hours and he could hardly wait to have her in his arms again.

There it was again, she thought as she stood there behind the plexi-glass, watching him skate towards her. There was that big, boyish, lop sided grin of his. She put her hand against the glass as he skidded to a stop and pressed his hand over hers’.

“You look great,” he shouted, putting his glove hand against the glass where hers’ was. “Except for the scarf,” he added. Edie grinned and tossed the end of her blue Canucks scarf over her shoulder. “You really gonna cheer against me?”

“Well…there is this.” She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her coat and pulled her lapels wide enough for him to see the crimson jersey beneath. She looked back up to find him grinning down at her. Shaking her head and laughing, she buttoned up her coat. “I don’t want to get beat up,” she explained.

“If I put one in will you cheer for me?” he asked and she shrugged and batted her eyelashes. She wasn’t sure how she’d feel about it. Probably much like she had when the Pens had been in town the year before. She’d ended up cheering for both teams, much to the annoyance of most of the other spectators around her. “You packed right?” he asked and she nodded again. This sucked, being on the opposite sides of the glass. He looked damn handsome in his uniform and tall…very tall.

She considered scaling the glass but one of the yellow clad security guards was already giving her the sink eye. However, she had spied a means of getting at least some minor action. Beckoning him to follow, she slid over to one of the holes in the glass meant for professional photographers to use, and stuck her hand through.

Jon’s expression softened and he glided over, sticking his glove under his other arm so he could cover her hand with his. They stood there, grinning at one another until Carolyn started making retching noises and even then, Jon didn’t let go of her hand until Kane rang a puck off the glass that made Jon jump and Edie scream.

“I guess I better go,” he laughed. “Where are you sitting?”

“Just back there,” she turned to point to a pair of seats on the aisle a few rows behind the net.

“I’ll look for you when I score,” he promised. “I’ll see you right after the game. You have your credentials right?” Edie held them up for him to see and he nodded.

“Good luck, I guess,” she smirked and he shook his head and laughed before giving her hand a squeeze and letting it go. Edie watched him skate away and felt her heart straining to follow him.
“Oh lord, look at you,” Carolyn, who was leaning against the glass, with her back to the action and her arms crossed looking fed up rolled her eyes. “You’re so in love it’s gross. Now can we go get a hot dog? I’m fucking starving.”

With a last longing glance towards where Jon was no standing at the top of the face-off circle, Edie gave him a half wave and then turned to follow Carolyn up the steps.

Jon faced Malhotra across the dot just to the left of  Crawford’s net. Green, to his left, grinned like the cat that got the canary. Jon wondered if he was really going to have to drop the gloves with the Canucks tough guy. He really didn’t want to go to Vegas with a shiner, although, he thought with a smirk, it would be something for the grandkids to talk about when they looked at the wedding photos.

 “So that was your girlfriend I was sucking face with at the club?” Green asked as he settled his stick across his knees.  Jon shrugged. He didn’t really want to talk to the guy. He just wanted to get the face off done. The first period had been a struggle and not just for him. All the guys had seemed sluggish. Coach had given them a pep talk, reminding them what was at stake and the guys had promised each other that they’d try harder.

He really, really wanted to get on that plane to Vegas.

He also really wanted to score. Not just to get the first one on the board and break the ice, but so that he could raise his arms and point up at her in front of the partisan crowd.

“She’s pretty hot,” Bieksa, the Canucks surly defenseman chimed in just as the puck was about to drop. “I think I’ve seen her around before. I’ll be sure to say hi next time I see her.” Jon growled as the puck dropped. He muscled the puck through his legs and back to Kaner who took off with it. Jon put his shoulder into Green’s chest and shoved his way by. Now he wanted to score just to wipe the smug grins off their faces.

He fought to get free as Kane sped towards Vancouver’s end. Jon tapped the ass, asking for the puck. He wanted this.

He heard Hoss coming hard on his heels and slid the puck over to his wing man and dodged a check and then called for the puck again as he crashed the net. He felt the puck hit the blade of his stick and then heard Kaner yelling behind him. He looked in the net. Luongo was staring at the same thing he was. The biscuit was definitely in the basket.

Throwing up his arms Jon turned to look for her. She was standing up, clapping and smiling and best of all, she was wearing his jersey.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chapter 17

“You’ve just made a serious mistake.”

Jon didn’t know if he was saying it to Edie or the lumberjack kissing her, probably both, but he didn’t stick around to continue the conversation. Here he’d been worried that she was sitting home, fuming over his not calling when really she was out gallivanting and kissing other guys.

He headed back the way they’d come in, pushing Kaner aside as both he and Duncs tried to stop him from leaving. He needed fresh air to clear his head and then he needed to get back to the hotel where he could feel humiliated without an audience.

His chest hurt. Jon pressed a fist against the middle of his chest and winced as he pushed his way out onto the street. He’d been looking forward to seeing her. While most of the rest of the team had caught an hour of shuteye on the plane, he’d practically been bouncing in his seat, vibrating with energy, his every thought focused on touching down and finally being with her again. He hadn’t even wanted to come out. He’d wanted to phone her and have her meet the bus at the hotel. He’d thought of nothing but being in what she called her closet of an apartment, in her bed, making up for lost time.

It was only when she still didn’t answer as the bus pulled up in front of the Sheraton that Jon had given in to Kaner and the rest of the guys who wanted to catch last call at the Roxy. He was miffed that she hadn’t answered, but he’d never have gone sticking his tongue down some random’s throat just to get even.

Jon turned to walk up Granville. He wasn’t sure this was the right direction to get to the hotel, but he just wanted to walk. He didn’t care that it was cold or that it was drizzling. Other than during the Olympics, Jon couldn’t remember ever coming to this city when it wasn’t at least spitting. He just put his head down and walked, his fists shoved into the pockets of his jacket, his teeth grinding as he strode silently through the late evening revelers like some kind of human storm cloud. 

“Ah fuck! Put me down.” Edie watched Jon turn on his heel and straight arm Patrick Kane out of his way. He was pissed. ‘Well he has a right to be’ Edie told herself as she Tanner Glass put her back on her feet. Carolyn was already holding out her purse and coat check ticket. Edie grabbed her purse and shook her head at the ticket. “Get it for me. I won’t ever catch him if I wait to get my fucking jacket,” she called over her shoulder as she turned to head out after him.

“Smooth move,” Kane grinned at her. Edie made a face and then reached over to grab a half empty pitcher of beer off of the bar and promptly up ended it over the mop top’s head. “I know, I know I’m going,” she grumbled at the bartender who was shaking his head at her. She could hear Tanner and his teammates cheering behind her. Well, she was nothing if not a solid, loyal member of the Nuck Nation.

At least until she caught up with Jonathan.

As she hit the sidewalk, she caught site of his tall, broad shouldered form shoving his way through the crowd. His long legs had already carried him more than a block away. Hopping on one foot, Edie grabbed hold of the arm of one of the bouncers and then leaned down to unzip her boot. He looked down at her quizzically but didn’t stop her. In fact he held the one boot while she did the same with the other and then handed them both to her as she waved a thank you and took off running in her bare feet.

“Jon!” she called but he didn’t turn. “Don’t be a jackass!” she snapped as she caught up to him, grabbing the back of his coat and using her momentum and his to send him crashing into the front window of Golden Age Collectibles.

“Me?” he gave a bitter sounding laugh as he looked down at her. “You’re calling me a jackass after…that?” he pointed back down the street and made a face. He was thinking about her kissing someone else. He was jealous. It was kind of cute. If she didn’t already feel guilty about it, she might have toyed with him, teased him about it. But the fact was, she was in the wrong.
“Hey, I’m drunk,” she told him honestly. “I mean, I’m in bare feet here. Bums piss on this street,” she added looking down at the grungy sidewalk, dotted with dried up gum, pigeon shit and who knew what else. “What’s your fucking excuse for not calling?”

“I’ve been calling all day. You haven’t answered,” he snarled back. Edie made a face and then reached into her bag. She pulled out her phone. It was off.

“Fucking Carolyn,” she growled, turning it back on to find that she had three voice mails and ten missed calls. “Okay, but it was on until at least four thirty,” she told him in her own defense. “And you promised to call last night.”

“Kaner stole my phone,” he told her, his tone leveling out as she scrolled through his text messages. Each one was shorter and more to the point. The last one only read ‘where r u?’

“He stole your phone?” she looked up at him and raised her eyebrow. He rolled his dark eyes and nodded.

“He even hid it from me,” he sighed, shrugging his massive shoulders. “They think…,” he looked away up the street and sighed. “They think I’m spending too much time thinking about you.” Edie grinned. She didn’t really want to, after all, he was pissed at her and she was trying to be apologetic, but the thought of Captain Serious getting into trouble with his teammates for acting like a teenager with a serious crush….

“And have you?” she asked, sliding her arms through the holes created by his hands still being hidden deep in the pockets of his pea-coat. “Have you been thinking about me?” she purred as she pressed her body up close to his. She was starting to shiver but he was warm and though his coat was a little damp, the heat that she felt as she pressed her body against his more than made up for a little rain.

“You know I have,” he grumbled, still staring off up the street. He was trying not to look at her, which meant he was trying to stay angry, trying not to give in to the way she was feeling, that just being with him again was making her feel.

“And just what have you been thinking?” she asked, pressing her lips lightly against the sharp line of his jaw. His mouth twitched and he blinked and then a rush of blood rose up from beneath the collar of his coat and flooded his face and then the next thing she knew, he’d somehow managed to lift her off of her feet and switch places with her so that hers’ was the back pressed to the window of the comic book and sport memorabilia store.  

“I want to be with you…inside of you…right now,” he hissed, his dark eyes searching her face. He still looked angry, but he also looked like he was teetering on the edge of losing his shit. Visions of the hot, angry sex they’d had in that dark alley in Chicago flashed through Edie’s brain and she whimpered.

Oh fuck, panty soup’ she thought to herself as she wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him closer. He was staring at her mouth like he wanted desperately to kiss her, or maybe bite her and she couldn’t really decide if she cared which he decided to do.

 “I didn’t just come here for sex Edie,” he growled, his mouth almost touching hers’. Edie nodded, silently. “I want to take you to Vegas and then I want to take you home but…,” he clenched his teeth and gave her a small but firm shake. “Damn it, I have to trust you and I have to know…I need to know if you…?”

“I do,” she told him, nodding earnestly as she said it. “I love you.” 

He closed his eyes and let out a breath he hadn’t realized that he’d been holding. ‘She loves me’ he told himself, feeling a weight lift off his chest. The vice his heart had been in for the last two days loosened and it felt like he could truly breathe for the first time in three weeks. 

“Don’t ever do that again,” he sighed, pressing his forehead to hers’. “Jeezus. I thought losing to Calgary sucked. Watching you kiss that guy…,” his voice trailed off as he opened his eyes to gaze into hers’.

“Yeah…sorry about that. Tequila is very bad for me,” she grinned. “You’re gonna have Bickell hurt him aren’t you?”

Jon thought about it for a moment. He hadn’t realized it at the time, his total attention had been on Edie, but the more he thought about it…

“That guy was a Canuck?” he asked and she nodded. Jon shut his eyes and sighed. “Yeah…I’m gonna have to fight him or something,” he told her seriously and then smiled, “and we’re definitely going to have to give them a spanking and it will be all your fault.”

“A spanking eh?” she grinned at him and he laughed and shook his head.

“Well I guess you do deserve one,” he chuckled as he slid his hand down her back to cup her ass and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Please sir, may I have some…more?” she asked in horrible fake British accent. Jon heard himself growl as he pressed her against the pane of glass at the front of the store. He wanted her now, here, in front of all of the people he could hear walking behind him. He couldn’t believe no one had stopped them and he wondered, for just a moment, if he could get away with it. Coming back to his senses, he readjusted his grip, and turned around.

“Hail a taxi,” he told her as he walked out to the edge of the street, “and please tell me that your place isn’t far.” 

“I can’t believe you gave the cabbie a hundred,” she giggled as she ran ahead of him up the stairs to her apartment.
“I can’t believe you went down on me in the back of the cab,” he growled, catching her around the waist and carrying her under his arm the last few stairs.

“You said you couldn’t wait,” she mewed as he set her down in front of the door at the top of the steps, but he still grabbed her keys out of her hand and impatiently shoved them in the lock. “If you break the key off we’ll never get inside,” she pointed out while he twisted the dead bolt hard enough that she thought it might break off in his hand. Fortunately though the door resisted, it opened and Edie found herself dragged inside while he kicked the door closed behind them and threw the locks and then tossed his jacket and his tie on the floor before kicking off his shoes.

She shrieked when he picked her up again, this time tossing her over his shoulder while he took the three or four strides it took to get to the French doors that were fortunately ajar so that just the end of her bed was visible and he didn’t have to kick down all of the doors to find it. She gave a yelp when he tossed her down into the middle of the bed, but lay there grinning while she watched him furiously work at the buttons on his baby blue dress shirt.

She licked her lips when he finally pulled the shirt off and tossed it aside. She’d been dreaming about this moment and it didn’t matter that he hadn’t given her the time to light all of the candles she’d set up around the room or put on a little BublĂ© to set the mood. Just seeing his wide shoulders, his ridiculous six-pack and the ferocious and determined look on his face was mood making enough. And if that hadn’t been enough, when he shoved his dove grey suit pants down over his hips, taking his boxer briefs with them certainly was.

“Oh yeah baby, come to mama,” she giggled, biting down on her bottom lip as he crawled onto the bed on his knees.

“Oh yeah?” he raised a single eyebrow as he grinned down at her and then grabbed a hold of legs just above her knees and pulled. Edie skidded across the quilt and found herself beneath him, her dress having rolled up over her hips, which seemed to be his plan. He hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled, yanking them off in one fluid motion. With a playful grin, he twirled the black lace around his index finger. “Who’s your daddy?”

“Well his name’s Michael and he’s an accountant and I don’t think he’d approve of his little girl going down on…yeeeeeeek!” Jon slid off the end of the bed and dove in between her thighs, his tongue wiggling into her entrance, making her squeal. “Oh yeah…you’re my daddy,” she sighed, leaning her head back and squeezing her eyes shut while she dug her fingers into her quilt and got her ready for the ride. 

He’d missed the smell of her skin, and her hair but mostly it was this he’d missed, Jon thought as he slid the flat of his tongue up towards that little bud of oh so sensitive tissue. As he pressed his tongue against her clit and felt a shudder run through her thighs, as he heard her moan, it felt like he’d come home.

Jon sucked and nibbled on her clit, making her whimper and cry out in turns and he forgot that he’d been angry and dismissed what he’d seen at the bar. That guy might have kissed her but he was the one making her say his name in that sultry tone that said she wanted more, that she wanted him. He swore to himself, as he sucked on that little pearl and listened to her cry out his name that he would never, ever listen to another fucking thing that Kaner had to say.

Sliding two fingers inside, he sought that spot that would make her scream, that would bring her to the edge. He wanted her to cum before he slid his dick into her. Just like in the taxi, he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to last long once he got into her. Not the first time. So he wanted her to be there already so he could join her.

“Oh…oh fuck yeah!” Her hips suddenly rose completely off of the bed and he felt all of her muscles clamping down on his fingers as he pressed up on that spongy spot and hummed against her clit at the same time. This is what guys like Kaner were missing when they screwed their little puck fucks, only worrying about getting off themselves. Jon loved to listen to her make all of the happy noises that meant he was doing the right things, that he was pleasing her. He loved to know that he could. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” She cried out and her body bucked and her heels drummed against his back and her juices flowed over his fingers.

He licked them clean and then slid his tongue into her entrance to taste more. It was sweet and salty all at the same time. It was like sucking raw honey from the comb. Spreading her pink lips, he kissed his way back up to her clit and gave it one more swipe of his tongue for good measure, making her squeak, and then he got up and crawled onto the bed with her, beside her, leaning on his hand and looking down into her beautiful face. She was flushed and a fine sheen of sweat made her face glow but most importantly, she was grinning at him.

“Ummm welcome to Vancouver?” she sighed, reaching up to bring his lips down to hers’. He resisted, at first, sure she wouldn’t want to taste herself on his lips, but she insisted and it only took a second or two to realize she not only didn’t care but that he couldn’t be bothered to worry about that anymore. How could he have forgotten how good it was to kiss her?

“I’m sorry,” she whispered against his mouth. He shook his head but when she wouldn’t keep kissing him, he opened his eyes and looked down.

“I’ve forgotten it…at least until I run into the douchebag on the ice,” he told her, kissing the tip of her nose, her eyelids.

“Yeah well…you’re sorry too right? I mean I don’t go out and get a Brazilian for just anybody you know,” she grinned.

“I’ve already shown my appreciation for that,” he grinned back, sliding his hand down over her stomach, running the palm of his hand over the baby smooth skin and sliding his fingers down into her warm, wet centre. She hummed and smiled and scooted closer to him.

“You still haven’t said you’re sorry,” she whispered, running her hand along his ribs and down, around his hip. She gave his ass a hard slap. He winced.

“I’ll make sure to tell Kaner what I almost missed out on,” he promised, sliding his fingers up inside of her as he pressed his lips to her shoulder, her collarbone, the slope of her breast. She must have slipped the rest of her dress off while he’d been hard at work. There was nothing between them now.

“Nnno,” she muttered, a gasp escaping her lips as her hand slid back between them until she was gently cupping his sac. “Don’t tell that little fuck anything,” she insisted. Jon looked up at her from where he was currently tracing the outline of her areola with his tongue. “I…might have…accidentally on purpose…poured a pitcher of beer over his head.” Jon pressed his forehead against her shoulder and snorted. That would definitely have put a dampener on Kaner’s chances of putting some smooth moves on the ladies. “I don’t like the way he looks at me,” Edie explained, “don’t be mad, okay?” Jon lifted his head and smiled.

“I’ll definitely have to guard my phone after this and I’ll probably have something nasty in my cup tomorrow morning but believe me, he needs taking down a peg or two once in a while.” He could imagine how pissed his roommate would be and could picture what was waiting for him back at the hotel. “Do you think I could stay here tonight?” he asked. Edie frowned.

“I thought you would, I mean, that was the plan wasn’t it?” Jon pressed his lips to hers’ and then jumped off the bed and went looking for his jacket.

“I’ll just text Coach, tell him I found you. He’d said it was okay but I have to let him know,” he explained as he pulled his iPhone out of his jacket pocket. 

Jon let out another snort and then turned the screen towards her. Edie crawled to the edge of the bed and narrowed her eyes. The photo was dark but she could just make out Patrick Kane’s drenched curls and a formidable frown on his face. She bit her bottom lip and shook her head. Jon would definitely be safer here.

As she watched him send a couple of quick texts as she crawled under the covers and waited for him to come back to bed she let her gaze travel up his long, muscular legs. She paused and let herself have a good long look at the curve of his amazing badonkadonk before she continued her personal porn moment and used ever indentation in his abs as a roadmap.

When he finished texting, he bent to put his phone on the bedside table and caught her staring at him, well, at his chest and as she watched, he started to turn red. It was crazy that he still got self conscious. After all, they’d spent the better part of their relationship naked.

Edie flipped the covers down and patted the spot beside her on the bed. He crawled quickly under the covers and promptly pinned her to the bed. She smiled up at him and reached up to brush her fingertips over the birthmark just below his mouth.

“I can’t believe I’m in love with a Hawk,” she told him quietly, meaning every word.

“If it helps,” he whispered, doing a sort of push up as he positioned himself carefully between her thighs, “I can’t believe it either.” Edie made a sort of unintelligible noise and dug her fingernails into his ribs. She felt more than heard his laughter, his sides vibrating beneath her hands as she held on. She hadn’t forgotten what it was like to be stretched, to feel him feeling her, but it still took her breath away. She slid her arms up and around him, digging her fingers into his shoulders as he plumbed her depths, reaching that spot that meant he could go no further. Their hips met and parted and she gasped, arching her neck as he kissed his way down it, slowly, gently, until his teeth found her shoulder and then she gasped again. “I missed you,” he told her as he held himself just at her entrance, his dark eyes looking down into hers’.

“I missed you more,” she promised and he shook his head and then drove himself deeply into her, making her gasp out loud, throw her head back and call out his name.