Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chatpter 4

 forgive me if this is a bit short but I wanted to get something posted.

“Where are you going?” His grip tightened around her waist and Edie chuckled at the sleepy sound of his voice, muffled by his face being pressed into her hair.

“I’m hungry,” she replied tersely, “someone took me from the party before I got fed.” An answering growl came from his stomach and she laughed again. With a groan, he slid from her side and turned on the light on his side of the bed. She watched him walk across the room, unable to tear her gaze away from his long, thick and muscular legs.

He pulled open a drawer and pulled out a pair of gym shorts and tugged them on. Then he pulled out a red t-shirt with the Hawks logo on the middle of it and tossed it in her direction. Edie pulled it over her head and then slid from his king sized bed and followed him out into the dark hallway.

“Please tell me you’re not like every other bachelor I know. Please tell me there’s actual food in this house,” she called after him and heard his answering laughter echoing in the hall ahead of her.

“There’s food. I’m just not sure you’ll like any of it.” Edie grimaced, visions of protein powder shakes and energy bars filling her head. As she rounded the corner into what could easily have passed for a professional kitchen in any high end Michelin star restaurant, she was pleasantly surprised to find him slicing a banana into a bowl that was sitting next to a tub of vanilla ice cream.

“I didn’t think a professional athlete would eat this kind of stuff,” she said admiringly as she picked up the can of aerosol whip cream and tipped it into her mouth.

“We don’t, as a rule, but when you have to replenish your energy supplies quickly,” he grinned sideways at her and Edie felt her heart stop beating altogether, “you do what you have to do”. ‘Oh so not fair’ she thought as she watched him squeeze a healthy dose of butterscotch sauce over the sliced bananas and then tip the bottle into his mouth. ‘He’s so fucking hot and he doesn’t even know it’.  

A thin line of the sticky, sweet topping dribbled out of the corner of his mouth and without even thinking about it, Edie scooped the trickle of sugary goodness onto her forefinger and stuck it in her mouth, sucking it clean.

His eyes got big and Edie nearly laughed as she watched that crooked grin of his fade into an expression that reminded her of the first guy she’d ever been with, like it was his first time seeing a girl naked. Just to see how far she could press it, she grabbed the can of whip cream and his arm and sprayed a line of the white frothy stuff from his wrist to the inside of his elbow and then, holding his gaze the entire time, slowly licked his arm clean. Then, still holding his wrist, she upended the squeeze bottle of chocolate sauce and covered each finger with a drizzle of thick fudge and then very slowly drew each of his digits into her mouth and, one after the other, sucked them clean.

Making a sound deep in his throat, Jon lifted her onto the counter and, stepping between her thighs, kissed her...hard. 

He could hear his mom in his head, something about not playing with his food. He told the voice to fuck off as he sprayed a line of whip cream up her neck and licked it off. She giggled, running her hands through his hair, wrapping her legs around his waist. This woman, Christ, this woman....

He pushed the t-shirt up and she took it off the rest of the way, lifting her arms, raising her ripe tits to his mouth. He tossed the t-shirt somewhere on the floor and reached for the butterscotch sauce, dripping it down over her collarbone, down to her nipples. She dug her fingernails into his head as he licked her pale, ivory skin clean.

She gasped as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, sliding his tongue over the hard little bump. The sticky sauce was good, her flesh was sweeter.

Chocolate sauce next. He dribbled it down between her breasts, down to her stomach. Taking his time, he licked slowly upwards. She shivered as his hands slid up her ribcage, goose bumps racing over her skin as he cupped her breasts, lifting them to his mouth. He heard the hiss of the aerosol and then tasted whip cream as his mouth found her nipple again.

His cock strained against his shorts. He wanted to plunge it into her warm, wet tunnel. He also wanted to taste every inch of her flesh. She gasped as he closed his teeth on her nipple and tugged. It was a good sound. It made his cock even harder.

He let go of her nipple and reached for the jar of maraschino cherries. He opened it with a single twist and then drew one of the too sweet bright red fruits out and put it in his mouth. She grinned and licked her lips as he leaned towards her. He kissed her, letting the cherry roll back in his mouth and then slid it onto her tongue.

She chewed it as he watched, as he took another cherry from the jar and, holding it between his forefinger and thumb, rubbed it slowly around her nipple, staining the already pink flesh darker. He licked away the sweet juice and then repeated the motion while she squirmed.

Her flesh was sweet but he knew there was something even sweeter he hadn’t tasted yet. She’d put the can of whip cream down. He grabbed it and, taking a knee, sprayed a healthy amount of it on her inner thigh. He heard her swear. He liked the sound of it as he ran his tongue slowly up her thigh, stopping just short of his goal before repeating his actions on the other side.

He heard her whimper and felt her trying to grab a hold of what little hair there was on the top of his head. If he’d been Kaner, she’d have been in luck. As it was what she managed to get her hands on was mostly his ears and that had to stop. Sliding his hands beneath her, he pulled her to the very edge of the counter and that did it. With a squeak of surprise, her hands were off of his ears and trying to get purchase in his granite countertops.

With a satisfied grin, Jon ran his tongue up her slit, tasting her juices as they poured onto his tongue. This was a better desert than any banana split, he decided as he teased her clit with his tongue. She was starting to make those noises again, those barely strangled cries that made his cock ache to be where his tongue was now, diving as deeply into her as he could. He could wait though, he knew, until he’d made her cum for him.

With that in mind, he slid his thumb inside of her, taking the place of his tongue and went back to work on her clit, humming some song he’d heard earlier until he felt her hand on the back of his head as her thighs began to quiver. He could tell she was clenching her teeth and he could hear her other hand scratching at the cupboard door behind her head. She was close, but he wasn’t done. Far from it.

Reaching for the can of whip cream, he covered her pussy in the cool whipped topping and began to slowly and strategically lap it up. He was going to have to do some extra wind sprints to make up for all this, or maybe he would just work it all off later. 

“I. Am. Coming!” Edie threw her head back and howled as she felt the muscles in her pussy clench around his fingers. Her entire body felt like a bow string that had been pulled tight and then suddenly let go. She felt like she was vibrating, like maybe if she looked in the mirror she’d actually look like Wile. E Coyote when he stepped on a rake and hit himself with it. “Holy mother of...Jesus H...Wait, what are you doing?” He was stepping out of his shorts and he was shaking the can of whip cream very slowly in one hand and smiling and not in that cut boyish sort of way either.

“I thought you might want to return the favour,” he grinned, aiming the nozzle of the can at the head of his cock and pressing down. Edie watched with a certain amount of fascination as he squeezed a perfect line of the white desert topping down the length of his dick. “You did say you were hungry, right?” he asked, the boyish grin showing through as he looked across at her.

“Well I guess I did,” she giggled, slipping down off of the counter and onto her knees, rolling her eyes up at him and licking her lips. “Got any of that chocolate sauce?”

He looked over at the squeeze bottle and then down at her and then silently handed it to her. Licking her lips again, she dripped some on the head of his cock and the slowly licked her way around it, listening to him groan as she did. A little more chocolate sauce dribbled along the length of him and then she put the bottle aside and slid as much of him into her mouth as she could, one hand cradling his balls, one hand digging into his muscular thigh.

His scrotum was already tight. She knew he wasn’t going to last so she was going to make the most of it. She was going to drive him crazy.

Edie dug her nails into his thigh and heard draw in a sharp breath between his teeth. She rolled her eyes up to look at his face. He was making his serious face, his face off face. Continuing to watch his expression, Edie slid her hand up to his ass and then slowly raked her nails down the solid pale flesh.

“Sheeeeeit!” he cursed, tipping his head back and blowing out a long expulsion of air. Rolling his balls in her hand, she gave him a moment to recover and then, as he turned his attention back to her, looking down at her, she dug her nails into his scrotal sac and pulled down. “Ohhhh fuuuuck!” His eyes got wide but he didn’t ask her to stop and if anything, his dick got harder. Smiling up at him around his dick, Edie wrapped her hand tightly around the base of him and guided him to the back of her throat, took a breath through her nose and then slid him over the back of her tongue and down her throat. “Holy shit!” he breathed as he dug his fingers into her hair and held her there until she started to gag. “I’m...I’m sorry,” he stammered, looking all boyish again.

“I’m not,” she grinned up at him before licking a gleaming drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock. Licking the length of the underside of his dick, she smiled up at him and then slid his cock over her tongue and began to work it, sucking and licking it while he tried to breathe. She watched him fight for control but she wouldn’t let him control this. She wanted to see Captain Serious lose it and she wanted him to lose it in her mouth.

“Fuck me god damn motherfucker!” he cursed, both of his hands on the back of her head, forcing her mouth down over the full length of him. She took him all and felt his cock throb right before the creamy salty goodness filled the back of her throat. She licked him clean and then he helped her to her feet, looking sheepish.

“I uh...I have some strawberries or something in the fridge,” he stammered, his cheeks turning pink as he reached for the fridge door.

“Mmm, strawberries, what are you going to do with that,” she asked, licking her lips.

“They’re for...well the...you know, the taste,” he continued to stammer as he peered into the fridge, frantically opening and closing crisper drawers. Edie leaned against the counter and watched his frenetic activity, amused. “Or there’s...you can use my toothbrush or something,” he continued, cursing under his breath as he pulled out jug after jug of Gatorade and lined them up on the counter like some kind of gay coalition of tubby little soldiers.

“I’m good, actually, unless you’re worried about kissing me now,” she laughed, grabbing one of the jugs and twisting the top off. He looked at her over the top of the fridge, eyes still round, cheeks still the colour of cotton candy. “It’s not chocolate but it’s not that bad, honestly,” she told him before taking a swig of the supposedly grape flavoured electrolyte replenishing juice. It was clear on his face that he didn’t believe her. “Let me guess. All your little puck fucks refuse to swallow?” He nodded silently and she grinned back at him. “Oh my, how will you ever go back to those silly little cunts?”

“Honestly?” he sighed, shutting the fridge door, “I don’t know.” He closed the space between them and tipped her lips up to his. “And damn you for making me have to.”


  1. This story is so good. I wish I was as confident a Edie. I love her character. This is my favorite tory from you. Keep the chapters coming please.

  2. yes!! MARVELOUS Hahaha.. i love it its so goood! keep up the good work :( can u tell us around how many days later will you post every chapter

  3. Good Lord, I love this!
    She’s corrupting captain serious! Lmao
    This story is sooooo good!!!
    Update soon!!! ;)
    Oh btw where in the world did you find that hot pic of Jonathan! i must have a bigger version of his half naked goodness! lol xD