Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chapter 7

 So so sorry for how long this took me to get out. I was doing this Christmas one shot for my yahoo group and it took way more of my time than I expected but I hope this is long enough and hawt enough to make up for the wait!

“I can’t believe we just did that. That I just did that.” Just like that he was back to being the ingénue, his face suffused with blood as he swirled the hot fudge sauce of his sundae into the melting remains of the ice cream he’d just downed like it was going to save his life. Maybe it was the only way he could cool his jets Edie thought, wondering why she felt more than mildly proud of herself as she reached to steal the cherry that floated in the melted ice cream.

“You mean me almost getting raped and mugged or...,” she waited for him to look up at her, still blushing furiously, and then she smiled. It was almost too easy and yet she couldn’t stop doing it, making him stammer and go red like some kind of virgin. He made a face and then glanced furtively around as if he thought everyone in the all night old fashioned ice cream parlour was looking at them, as if they knew that the great Jonathan Toews had just had sex in a public place.

“You shouldn’t have gone off like that,” he replied more soberly and Edie rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, but you still lied,” she pointed out, grabbing one of the vanilla wafers from the pool of melted ice cream he was still scooping into his mouth.

“No,” he replied calmly, rescuing a slice of banana and offering it to her. She was still mad but she was also hungry, so she leaned forward and let him put the spoon in her mouth. She held onto it with her teeth and made him fight to get it back. It was his turn to roll his eyes. “I didn’t lie, exactly,” he quickly added when she opened her mouth to repeat his lie back to him. “I just wasn’t clear. What I should have said was that Pat’s sisters sometimes use my place rather than staying at the garbage dump he calls a house,” he explained and Edie found it easy to picture the frat house that Patrick Kane would live in, it probably made Delta Tau Chi look like Martha Stewart was their decorator. “So no, those clothes don’t belong to some one night stand and no, before you ask,” he added wearing the ‘you must believe me’ expression on his face, “I have never and have no plans to ever sleep with any of Kaner’s sisters, even if they are cute.” That part was added for her benefit, she knew, as he was barely able to hide the smile that tugged at the corners of his lips, his lips which looked like they’d been doing a lot of kissing.

Edie wondered if she looked like she’d been ridden hard and put away wet. The young waitress in her straight out of the fifties pinafore gave her one of those disapproving glances that clearly said ‘I know what you’ve been doing’. Her expression changed one hundred and eighty degrees, however, when she turned to ask Jon if there was anything, and I mean, anything she could get for him; him, not them. The difference wasn’t lost on either one of them.

“We’re good, thanks,” Jon answered politely, without looking up at the waitress who was standing a little too close to him in her blonde pig tails and bubble gum pink lipstick. He also reached across the table to put his hand over hers’. “Unless there’s something else you want, babe?”

Babe? Edie couldn’t think of the last time, or any time for that matter, that a guy had called her that except maybe in jest and whoever that had been would have quickly ducked, knowing that she’d be aiming for their teeth with her knuckles. In this instance, however, she didn’t mind, at all.

“I have you don’t I? What more could I want?” she answered in a sickly sweet syrupy voice as she batted her eyelashes at him and slid her fingers into his. The act had its desired effect. The Jenny Piccolo look-a-like made a huffing sound, jammed her note pad into her pinny and stomped off. Edie watched her go with a satisfied smile. “So, what’s the plan Stan?” she asked, turning her attention back to Jon who was now softly brushing his thumb along the inside of her hand. She liked it. It felt restful.

“Did you...nah, you’ll think it’s dumb,” he muttered, the tips of his ears suddenly turning red as he looked down at his now mostly empty bowl. He scraped his spoon around the edge, collecting the cooling fudge sauce, which he then sucked off slowly. Watching the way he did it made her nipples ache.

“Try me,” she tried to stifle a yawn behind her hand but he looked up at the last minute, caught her and smiled.

“There’s this old movie theatre that plays old monster movies all night probably wouldn’t be into that.” He went back to digging around in his bowl and it seemed clear that was back to the shy Jonathan that was, expecting to be shut down.

“Actually I really like old monster movies,” she replied, running her foot up the inside of his leg, repeatedly, until he finally raised his eyes to meet her gaze. “But I’ve been up since six and someone’s kind of tired me out,” she added with a smile that made him blush again. “But I was sort of thinking about the crazy big Jacuzzi tub of yours.”

“Yeah?” He looked up and grinned and Edie thought to herself how much that lop sided grin of his was an unfair weapon. Every time he looked at her like that she found that she ended up grinning back at him like she had no control over herself or any of the muscles in her face. “I really didn’t want to take you back to your hotel.”

“And risk running into your buddy Kane in my roommate’s bed? No thanks,” she grinned back at him as he pulled a twenty out of his wallet and laid it out on the table before offering his hand to her and pulling her to her feet.

“Even if he is,” Jon whispered in her ear as they walked past the waitress who was still eyeing him like he was a big piece of candy, not that he noticed, “I bet they haven’t had as interesting night as we have so far.” So far he’d said. Edie smiled to herself. It wasn’t right that she felt that happy about something as inane as that statement, but she did.

“Oh...oh god.” Her eyes were closed and she had a blissful smile on her face as she lay back in the mountain of bubbles. Jon dug his thumbs into her instep and laughed while she made sex noises. “Oh please don’t tell me you guys sit around on the plane and rub each other’s feet, or if you do, please just tell me you rub Sharpe’s feet and not Kane’s.”

“We have people do this kind of thing for us,” he told her, listening to the small bones of her foot creak and crack under the pressure of his ministrations.

“Screw hockey. You could do this for a living,” she moaned, slipping further into the aromatic suds he’d filled the tub with. She was no longer wearing any of the make-up he’d first seen her wearing and she’d pulled all of her dark hair into a simple pony tail and she looked no less beautiful than the moment he’d seen her across the bar.

“I’ll remember that if I ever get injured and can’t play,” he told her, running his thumbs up from her heel to the pad of her foot, eliciting a long, low groan. “So has no guy ever done this for you?” he asked, watching her face as he made the same motion along the top of her foot. She looked thoughtful for a moment and then she shook her head.

“I had a guy paint my toenails once,” she replied, reaching blindly for the wine glass, her hand patting the tile but she still didn’t open her eyes.

“Well I guess if you live long enough you’ll have all kinds of experiences.” The minute it was out of his mouth he wanted to take it back but the way her eyes opened, just a slit, told him he was going to pay for saying it.

“Was that a crack about my age?” she asked slowly in a threatening sort of tone as she pressed the ball of the foot he wasn’t currently holding against his scrotum in a way that let him know that if he gave the wrong answer that she was willing to crush his nuts.

“I...I don’t even know how old you are,” he stammered, trying to slide away from the pressure of her foot but there was nowhere to go, unless he wanted to get out of the tub, and he was almost willing to lose a nut or two to stay in there with her.

“There are a few things you just don’t ask a woman, like her age or how many guys she’s slept with.” He could tell that as soon as she said it she regretted bringing it up. She no longer looked relaxed. In fact, she glanced over at him with a distinctly concerned expression and then turned to grab the glass of chilled white wine that was sweating beside the tub.

“Why, has there been a lot?” He suddenly wanted to know. He actually wanted to know as much about her as she was willing to tell him, but this...this he wanted to know the answer to. She sipped at the wine and Jon could tell that she was considering ignoring the question altogether by the way she was refusing to look over at him. He reduced the pressure on her foot. That got her attention. “I’ll tell you if you tell me.”

“I’m not sure I want to know how far down your bedpost my notch goes,” she told him, still holding the glass up near her lips, almost like she wanted to hand behind it.

“Five,” he told her without her having to ask. Her eyes got a little wider and it was evident that she had to actually work at swallowing her wine instead of spitting it out. When she had finally managed that and had put her glass down she wiggled her foot loose while she studied him like he’d just said something outrageous.

“I won’t be shocked if you tell me the real number,” she promised in a clipped tone as she crawled out of the bath and reached for a towel, wrapping herself in it and reaching for a hand towel to dry the part of her pony tail that had gotten wet.

“That is the real number,” he insisted, hitting the button to drain the tub and then joining her on the fluffy bath mat, taking the smaller towel out of her hands and gently patting her hair dry. He looked up into the fogged mirror and was able to just make out that she was biting down on her bottom lip like she was considering whether to believe him or not. “I’m not Pat. I keep telling you that but you keep not believing me.”

“Maybe I don’t want to believe that you really are a good Canadian kid,” she replied quietly, glancing at his reflection in the mirror with an unreadable expression on her face and then she walked out of the bathroom, heading for the bedroom. Grabbing a towel and wrapping it quickly around his waist, Jon followed. 

Edie could feel his eyes following her as she searched the floor of his bedroom for the clothes she’d arrived in and the clothes she’d ‘borrowed’. ‘If I stay one more minute I’m doomed’ she told herself, grabbing her heels and the slinky dress that had gotten her into this mess in the first place.

“Don’t leave.” It wasn’t a request. He probably wasn’t used to asking for things anymore but as much as she wanted to be offended by the demand, she could hear the plea in the timbre of his voice too and the part of her that was so afraid of staying yearned to give in to the command.

“No. This is crazy,” she mumbled, struggling to pull on her g-string and hold onto the towel at the same time. “This is the craziest one night stand anyone has ever had in the history of one night stands,” she added through clenched teeth. She heard him make a very male sound of frustration deep in his throat and had to fight the urge to turn around and look at the expression on his face. ‘Because you’ll end up looking at that chest and then you’ll be putty in his hands and you know it’ she lectured herself as she hopped from one foot to the other to pull the clam diggers back on.

“I don’t get it.” ‘No, no, no’, she thought, ‘don’t talk me out of this.’ “You were perfectly happy a minute ago, and now you’re rushing out of her like I’ve done something wrong.” She felt his hands on her shoulders and stiffened.

“It’s just...this is nuts and I have meetings in the morning and,” his lips pressed softly against the nape of her neck and Edie squeezed her eyes shut. He may as well have touched her clit she had the same knee weakening reaction.

“Stay,” he whispered in her ear, “please.” She wanted to stamp her feet. She did ball her hands into fists at her sides but instead of a growl of frustration, what came out was a pathetic sounding whine.

“Nooo.” She sounded like a petulant child unhappy about not getting her way and she hated it but what she hated worse than that was that she wanted to give in to him so badly that she was teetering on the edge of saying something stupid, something that there was just no way she should even be thinking after only a few hours.

“What are you afraid of Eden?” he asked with his voice low and soft oozing like melted butter into her ear.

“Of you, of liking you,” she admitted in a small, strangled voice. She wanted to rip her tongue out for confessing the truth to him. She also wanted to cry. She did neither. Instead she let him pull her back against the solid width of his chest, wrap his strong muscular arms around her and kiss her cheek.

“Would it help if I said I’m way past liking you?” he asked, pressing his lips to the corner of her eye where a single tear had managed to escape. She nodded and heard his answering laugh, more a vibration deep in his chest and a warm breath that tickled her cheek. “Then will you stay?” he asked this time and she nodded again. “Good.”

He slowly turned her so that she was facing him and tipped her mouth up to meet his. He kissed her softly, moving his lips gently over hers’ while he unravelled the towel from around her chest, dropping it to the floor at their feet. He manoeuvred her backwards towards the bed until the back of her knees hit the mattress and she naturally sat down before he pressed her back onto the mattress, his bigger body kneeling over her. His towel was gone and Edie found herself staring up at the long sculpted torso that looked like it belonged on a marble pedestal. She reached up and ran her fingers down his chest until they slid over the indentation of his belly button and found that thin trail of wiry curls that lead to the prize that rose to meet her hand. 

Jon groaned as her fingers encircled his cock. He fought the urge to shut his eyes. He wanted to look at her, wanted her to see that he wanted to look at her.

This time was going to be different. This time wasn’t going to be the frantic, sweaty coupling or the urgent, needy sex they’d already experienced tonight. This time was going to be slow. This time he wanted to take his time even if right at this moment, with her hands on him he didn’t feel like he would last. It took a great deal of will power for him to pluck her hand from around his dick and press it over her head, but when he took her mouth again, when he felt the soft swell of her breasts pressing against his chest, the sensation was just as good.

It was harder, when she reached for him. It was harder not to give in to the feel of her warm hands on his still damp and cooling skin. It was hard not to give in to the way she raised her hips from the bed, pressing her hips to his. It took his only remaining will power to take that hand too and hold it above her head and continue to take his time, tasting her skin, her lips, her tongue. If this was it, and he didn’t want it to be, then he wanted to know and memorize every single centimetre of her.

He only let go of her wrists when he lowered his mouth to her breasts, knowing she wouldn’t be able to reach that part of him and do things to him that would weaken his resolve. He held her breasts together, moving his mouth from one pink tip to the other, licking and sucking them until she was whimpering and biting down on her full bottom lip and rubbing herself against his thigh. He watched her, the torment in her face telling him that she wasn’t going to forget tonight and that was his goal. If he could never have her again, and please god let that not happen, he wanted her to remember this forever.

“Pleeeeeeease,” she whimpered, opening her eyes to look down at him.

“Please what?” he asked, her nipple coming out of his mouth with an audible, wet popping sound.

“I want...I want...,” she began, pressing her hips up against his.

“Want what?” he asked, kissing his way down her stomach until his tongue was slowly circling her belly button. “What do you want Eden?” He slid the pants she was wearing down over her hips as she raised her butt off of the bed to help him. He slid them up, bringing her legs with them until both of her ankles were on one of his shoulders.

“You,” she sighed as he bit down on the instep of her foot.

“I’m right here,” he teased, his fingers dancing down over her calf to tickle the back of her knee. She squirmed and made an angry face, but he had both of her legs pinned against his torso beneath one of his arms. She was trapped. Her eyes narrowed and she squeezed her pretty mouth closed. “Oh you want something...specific?” he asked, rubbing the head of his cock against the now swollen pink lips of her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her hands dug into the blankets as he pressed the head of his dick into her but went no further.  

“Puhleeeeze!” she cried out, unable to do anything to force the object of her desire any further in. Laughing, Jonathan pulled out his cock and rubbed it over her entrance as she squirmed, trying to force herself closer.

“Tell me what you want me to do Eden,” he said, his voice sounding hoarse. He wanted it as much as she did, maybe more, he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that if she thought he was torturing her, he knew he was also torturing himself. “Tell me with that dirty mouth of yours’”

“Do it to me,” she whimpered, her hands pushing her breasts together, and as he watched, she pulled at her own nipples and moaned. “Do it hard.” 

With a groan he submitted and shoved himself into her all at once, pressing the breath right out of Eden’s lungs. He’d hardly had to touch her and she was so soaking wet for him that he easily slid the full length and girth of his tool to its’ hilt. She was tighter this way and it almost hurt, or maybe that was just because he’d fucked her so hard before that she was still tender. It didn’t hurt though, not exactly.

Hurts so good’, she thought to herself. ‘I guess this is what Mellancamp was talking about.’

It still wasn’t what she wanted though, or not exactly. He was inside her and that was good, no amazing, but what she wanted was to have him do it hard and fast the way he had when they’d fucked in the alley. She wanted to feel him moving inside of her but at the moment, as she looked at him, still holding both of her legs against his chest, his eyes were closed and he wasn’t moving. He wasn’t doing anything.

“Jon?” she asked, wondering at the concentration on his face.

“Just...fuck...just give me a minute, okay?” Edie smiled but managed to stop herself from laughing. He was trying not to cum.

“Oh, okay,” she replied sweetly and then started doing Kegel exercises, shifting her weight onto her elbows and watching as his expression morphed from strained to tormented.

“Sheeeit,” he cursed, his grip tightening on her ankles. She countered by tightening her muscles around his cock. He let out a long string of curse words and pulled out with one movement of his hips. Before she could even complain, he was pressing her thighs apart and diving into her pussy, tearing a scream from her throat as he pressed the flat of his tongue against her clit.

Edie grabbed a fistful of sheet in each hand as she rode the orgasm that bowed her spine. He wasn’t letting up. His tongue was working furiously on her clit and he wasn’t letting her down from the high that had her entire body quaking and shuddering as one orgasm after another sent electric shock after electric shock ripping through her.

“Enough! Mercy! Stoooppp!” she cried out, digging her heels into the edge of the mattress and scooting backwards, curling in on herself and eyeing him like a cat that you’ve stroked the wrong way. “Damn it I’m a little tender down there,” she hissed like a cat and he looked properly dismayed as he crawled over the bed towards her and then gathered her into his arms.

“Does that mean you don’t want me?” he asked quietly, stroking her hair back from her face before dropping a kiss to her forehead and then each of her eyelids in turn.

“No...damn it,” she sighed, melting into him and allowing him to roll her onto her back. He eased into her, cognisant of how each and every twitch of her eyelid, waiting for her to tell him to stop. Only she didn’t. She wrapped her arms around him, her fingernails digging into his shoulders and he felt her feet sliding up his thighs before they locked behind his back. “Deeper,” she whispered against his mouth. He slid his hands down and lifted her off of the bed, using the strength in his legs and the new angle of her body to fulfill her request. “Yess...oh god yesss,” she whispered into his mouth.

She was close and he didn’t think he’d last more than another minute or two, as much as he wanted to have this moment last the rest of the night, or was it morning? He planted his mouth over hers and squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself to hold on, to let her go first, to let her pull him into the oblivion.

He felt her body go suddenly still and he pulled back, looking down into her face to see if he’d hurt her and tears were streaming down her face but when he opened his mouth to ask, she shook her head and pulled him back down to her, pressing her forehead into his shoulder as her body began to shake. She was saying his name, over and over, in a hoarse whisper and when he let go, when he felt his entire body fall into her arms, her name was on his lips.


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