Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chapter 12

I trust all of you had a good little break, and I know some of you are snowed in (I wish) but I'm back now so hopefully there's some more JT goodness coming soon!

“You do have a really nice view from here,” she sighed as she looked out at the sparkling city lights of Chicago. She was curled up against him on the couch in his living room her head on his chest, cuddled under a fleece throw.

“I have a great view right here,” he responded, his arm tightening around her shoulders until she looked up into his face. He wasn’t looking out at the city, just down at her. He was wearing a smug expression and his grin only got wider when she rolled her eyes at him. He slid his other arm behind his head and let out a satisfied sounding sigh.

“I thought you were Captain Serious, not Captain Smart Ass,” she gave his washboard stomach a slap but he didn’t so much as wince.

“According to you I’m Captain Love Machine,” he reminded her and Edie squealed and pressed her forehead to the centre of his chest to hide the flame of embarrassment that immediately coloured her face. She didn’t remember saying it, but then it seemed he had the ability to make her do a lot of things she had no intention of doing. She heard him laugh and looked up into his easy grin and knew that while the whole smug thing was real, and he did have every right to be proud of himself, that if she had said it, it hadn’t gone to his head. He really was a good down to earth Canadian kid underneath his usually cool, calm and composed exterior. “So, do you think you could get used to this?” he asked, out of the blue, ripping her out of her happy place and dropping her back into reality.

“Don’t Jon, please,” she muttered, extricating herself from the blanket and reaching for the nearest thing to cover herself with, his jersey. She heard his heavy, unhappy sounding sigh and then she felt the back of the jersey being tugged on and the next thing she knew, she was sitting in his lap with his muscular arms around her like a seatbelt, cinched.

“Why not?” he asked as his grip on her tightened when she struggled to free herself. “We could go all night pretending we don’t have to deal with it, or we can talk about it now,” he added, sliding one arm beneath and around her legs and tightening his arm around her waist until she couldn’t move.

“Or we could just have a really great night and not deal with it at all,” she suggested in a small voice, staring purposefully at the view despite the fact that she could feel his gaze boring a hole in her soul.

“Maybe you could,” he replied in a tone that suggested that he didn’t think much about that option or her for wanting to hold fast to it.

“It’s not an option Jon, you know it’s not,” she hissed through clenched teeth, furiously blinking away a flood of tears she could feel was about to fall. “It’s not even worth talking about.”

“So you have thought about it too,” he sighed and pressed his forehead to her shoulder like he was relieved. Maybe it was that he’d said ‘too’ meaning that he’d also been wondering how to prolong this momentary madness or maybe it was the way he clung to her when he said it but either way, Edie felt herself give in and melt into his embrace.

“Even if I have...I live in Vancouver...everything I have is there and I don’t even know you,” she whined into his neck as he gathered her closer as her body relaxed into his arms.

“You know more about me than I do about you,” he whispered into her hair, “I’m the one with the multimillion dollar contract that should be worried about asking a total stranger to move in with me.”

“Move in with...?” Edie struggled until she was straddling his lap and was looking down into his handsome face, with its’ open and honest features. She didn’t have to ask if he meant it. It was written all over the hopeful, boyish grin on his face. Closing her eyes and heaving another sigh, Edie shook her head. “That’s insane. You’ve spent a few hours with me. You can’t...I hardly know you and I wouldn’t let you do that!” she insisted, opening her eyes to find his grin had grown rather than shrunk. “Why? Why are you grinning like that?”

“Because you care about me,” he grinned as wide as the Cheshire cat and Edie growled in frustration.

“You’re like some kind of puppy following me home no matter how many times I try and kick you,” she snarled, balling her hands into fists and slamming them onto his shoulders. For his part, Jon just kept smiling, like either it didn’t hurt or he didn’t care if it did. “For all you know I’m some kind of lunatic stalker who talked you into sleeping with me or some kind of gold digging whore who’s just after your money. No! Stop grinning like that. It’s just sex, you don’t know me,” she insisted but was unable to fight back when he captured her face in his hands and pulled her down into a long, slow, wet kiss that left her unable to form another argument. Her entire body literally melted into his, her arms slipping around his neck, a groan morphing into a long, low moan as his cock stirred against her belly.

“I have never, ever in my life felt this out of control,” he whispered against her lips, “and I never thought I’d like it, but I do,” he added, his hands sliding down over her shoulders and down her back until they were cupping her buttocks, moving her up and over him.

She felt her body welcoming him, fitting over and around him as he lowered her slowly down until their bodies met again and Edie let out a gasp. She kept expecting to get used to the idea of his filling her completely, of his size and god like proportions but each and each and every time it felt like it was new, like it was happening for the first time. She closed her eyes as his mouth closed over her the pulse in her neck and she felt the sting of his teeth digging into her flesh. She dug her own fingernails into his upper arms and moved, sliding up onto her knees, feeling her body unwillingly letting him slide almost free until his hands pushed down on her hips and forced her back down over him.

Is this what it’s like to do crack, Edie wondered as he pushed up into her while she pressed down onto him, forcing the air from her longs in another involuntary gasp. Could she get used to this? She knew the answer. Yes, yes and a thousand times more yes. Yes to his body, with all of its thick, round muscles. Yes to the mole beneath his mouth. Yes to his crooked grin and even yes to silly little boy hair cut and especially yes to intensely serious gaze when he talked about hockey.

His hands slid up her back, taking the jersey with it, and for the second time she helped him take it off of her and dropped it onto the floor beside the couch and then watched as his lips closed around her nipple. Edie dug her fingers into his scalp and shut her eyes. Yes, she could get used to having her brains fucked out of her head on a regular basis even if it meant she’d always be just a little bit tender down there.

“Yessss, oh fuck yessss,” she cried as he bit down on her nipple just hard enough for the pain to momentarily overcome the amazing sensation of his dick filling her completely, stretching her, reaching places no other man had ever touched inside of her. Oh hell yes she could get used to this. 

“Yes to this?” he asked, his soft, wet tongue circling her other nipple before he sucked that one into his mouth while he used his stomach muscles and leg muscles to push up from the couch, so that she really had to hold on whiles she rode him. She nodded as she bit down on her bottom lip and whimpered. Her back bowed, offering her breasts to him on a plate and he sucked and nibbled on them while he watched a myriad of expressions pass over her beautiful face and with each thrust he sent the telepathic message: ‘stay’.

He’d never really enjoyed the whole bachelor life the way Kaner or some of the other guys he’d played with seemed to, though he’d long ago gotten used to being on his own. There had always seemed to be something missing, but before last night he’d thought he’d just been sort of homesick.

“Stay,” he said out loud, steadying he in his arms as he got up, waiting for her to wrap her legs around his waist before he took the two or three steps it took to get to the window where he could press her up against the cold pane of glass, knocking over his guitar in the process. “Stay with me, stay here,” he begged as he fastened his mouth to hers and pressed himself as far into her as he could. He loved the way her breasts felt, pressed softly against his chest. He loved the weight of her ass in his hands. He loved feeling lost inside of her. He loved...he loved her.

“No.... No it’s crazy you don’t know...umph!” He slammed into her, feeling the pane of glass shudder against them as he rammed his cock into the depths of her hot little honey pot.

“You’re independent,” he told her, emphasizing each word with a short, hard thrust. “You’re kind of crazy,” he added with a grin, “intense, funny, smart and beautiful.” His gaze held hers while he watched her gaze soften until her eyes looked like liquid gems. “And I’m falling so hard for you it’s a little fucking scary, I’ll admit that,” he told her before pressing his mouth over hers’ to muffle her objection. “Tell me you feel something,” he begged, but she just shook her head, her eyes squeezed shut so he couldn’t read her thoughts. “Give me something Edie,” he whispered with his mouth on her ear as he felt the rising tide of the orgasm threatening to spill over. He didn’t want to go under without something, some sign, a word....

“It’s not fair to ask me now,” she panted, the fingers of one hand splayed on the back of his head while the other fingers dug into his back.

“But I am,” he grinned, that sixth sense he’d learned to believe in tingling in the base of his brain, telling him that he was close to winning. “I am asking you Edie. If you don’t feel anything....”

“Fuck you, you know that’s not true,” she whimpered, her heels digging into his ass, like a rider egging on a horse.

“So tell me,” he asked again, breathlessly as he tried to hold himself still which was against the message every neurotransmitter in his body was sending. “Tell me how you feel.” He pulled back enough to search her face and found her looking back at him, her careful mask slipping as her bottom lip trembled. “Please Edie,” he whispered against her mouth ad she sobbed and shook her head.

“It’s impossible,” she whimpered, shaking her head again. Growling in frustration, Jon was ready to give up, to put her back on her feet and tell her to get dressed and leave, but just as he began to loosen his grip on her, she hiccupped and he looked back up into her face. “I don’t want to feel like this..., I don’t want to fall for a fucking Hawk.” She was crying now, but she was also smiling through her tears. Jon grinned back at her and then, capturing her mouth with his, he turned and took her back to the couch and laid her down, carefully.  

“Fall,” he whispered, sliding back into her, his mouth hovering over hers’. “Fall and I promise that I’ll catch you.” He kissed her and slid his tongue over and around hers’ and their bodies fell into a still new but familiar rhythm. Their bodies met and parted slowly while he tasted her tears on her lips. He didn’t ask for anything more, but he knew he was going to, that they would both have to before the night was over, but for now, Jon let the wave wash them both to shore and he fell, satisfied for now, into her arms whispering her name as he let himself go.


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