Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 19

 sorry this is kind of a short chapter but considering I couldn't bear to tear myself away from all of the hockey hotness on all weekend, can you blame me? I promise the next chapter will be loooong

“How can we even…there’s no room.”

Carolyn had been right. The purple slinky halter top had worked exactly as she had promised that it would. The minute they’d got on the plane and Edie had taken off her jacket, Jon hadn’t been able to keep his eyes, or hands, off of her. Now they were in the cramped bathroom of the private jet and Jon was doing his best to get her out of her pants and up onto the sink. She couldn’t help but think how cute he was when he got frustrated.

“Slow down Tiger,” she whispered into his ear as he looked for some place to put her pants now that he had them off. “We’ve got lots of time. Unless of course someone else needs to go to the bathroom,” she added, just to make him even more flustered. “Now put those on the towel bar,” she told him and then, curling her fingers around his tie, pulled him to her, “and come here.” The insecurity and uncertainty leaked out of his eyes as she brought her mouth against his. Now he was more like the player she’d seen out on the ice tonight, focused and determined which was becoming a heady combination to her.

She moaned into his mouth as he led her hand down to his pants, pressing her hand over the erection that was straining against his suit pants. She lowered his zipper and slid her hand inside and he groaned for her, his body swaying forward as she slid her hand down to cup his balls.

She’d made sure, as she had taken off her coat, that he had got an eyeful of skin, that he couldn’t miss the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He’d been shifting uncomfortably in his seat ever since and now, as she ran her fingers up the solid lengths of him where it pressed against his pelvic bone, he actually whimpered.

“I have to be inside of you, now” he moaned, pressing his forehead to hers’, his fingers digging into the flesh of her thighs. Luckily, having watched him play and having teased him while the entire team waited for wheels up was foreplay enough and Edie eased him free of his boxer briefs and aimed the head of his cock at her entrance. With a grunt and swivel of his hips, he slid easily inside and Edie gasped.

“Oh shit,” she grasped the edge of the sink and then locked her ankles behind his back. “I keep thinking that I’ll get used to this…you’re so big,” she whispered to him.

“I want you so much Edie,” he told her, his lips brushing her cheek, the corner of her jaw, her temple. “I’ve been thinking of you all afternoon. Of being with you,” he added, moving his mouth towards hers until their tongues touched before his lips crashed onto hers’ like it was necessary, like if he didn’t he’d die.

He was slamming into her, short, hard thrusts, their bodies hardly separating at all, like he was racing to the end. There would be time for long, drawn out, romantic joining later. This was good, Edie thought, apt. She’d been licking her lips at the thought of him out of his hockey gear, and he’d obviously been anticipating being with her again and so now they made love like they’d been starving and had suddenly been tossed a loaf of bread, eager, ravenous and insatiable. 

“Harder, please baby,” she gasped, tightening her thighs around him. Jon responded by grabbing the edge of the sink and using it to pull himself into her and redoubled his efforts, his body working like a perfect machine, like a jack hammer, pounding against her and into her so that all Edie could do was hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride.

“Cum for me Edie,” Jon hissed into her ear, and then kissed his way down to her neck where he dug his teeth in. He must have been able to feel how close she was. “I can’t hold on too long baby, cum for me,” he growled against her neck. Peeling his fingers away from the edge of the sink, Edie guided his fingers between her thighs and he did the rest. She gasped and her entire body went rigid as he rubbed his fingers against her clit.

“Yes, yes!” she cried out. Jon’s other hand was suddenly across her mouth, muffling her voice as his dark eyes shone a warning. Edie grinned behind his hand. As if every single member of the team didn’t already know exactly what they were doing. She pressed her lips to the palm of his hand but he didn’t remove it. Instead, he slid his other hand up her back and into the side of her halter top to twist and pinch her nipple, making her head fall back and a high pitched cry escaped her lips. He slammed into her, once, twice and then one last time before she felt his body suddenly stiffen and then his balls began to empty themselves into her, his cock pulsating inside of her. She was not far behind him, with Jon’s fingers still rubbing fervently against her clit, Edie found herself falling against his chest, uttering a loud, high pitched cry as the orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Jesus, they’re all going to hear you,” Jon mumbled, his strong arms going around her, holding her to him as they both fought to catch their breath.

“I sort of think they’ll have already had a pretty good idea what we came in here for,” she grinned, detaching herself just enough to look into his boyishly handsome face. “Do you care?” Jon shrugged and showed her that crooked smile of his but the colour in his face wasn’t just from exertion.

“They probably won’t let me hear the end of it,” he admitted, reaching up cup her cheek with his hand and guide her lips to his. “You know, the whole Captain Seriously no fun thing,” he added with a shrug of one shoulder to match his crooked grin.

“They’re just jealous,” she promised him, kissing him softly, once, twice, before he helped her down off of the sink and then he reached back for her pants, which he handed to her and did his best to give her enough space to put them on.

“They’ll still give me a hard time,” he warned her.

“Do you really care?” she asked, doing up her zipper as she looked up at him. He shrugged again and then reached for her, drawing her into his arms and against his chest.

“Not while you’re around, no.” 

He tried not to let the wolf whistles and cat calls that made them when the door to the bathroom opened, but Jon couldn’t remember the last time he’d blushed this hard. It seemed like everyone was watching him follow her down the aisle of the plane, including Coach Quenneville, who, in a rare display of levity was giving them a golf clap. Jon desperately wanted to just get to their seats and maybe hide under his jacket until they touched down in Vegas. Edie, on the other hand, was blowing kisses, bowing and curtseying as she walked in front of him, like it didn’t bother her one bit.

As soon as he could, Jon practically dove into his seat and slid down until his knees practically were touching his chin. Edie stood in the aisle and just shook her head.

“They’re just teasing you,” she chided him as she slid into the seat beside him and reached over to poke him in the ribs. Jon stared at the back of seat in front of him.

“I suppose you’ve done that before,” he mumbled, hating that she seemed so god damn secure with herself right in this moment. He knew he was being unfair, blaming her for the way he felt but he couldn’t help himself.

“I don’t recall ever saying as I was a virgin,” Edie snapped back, immediately crossing her arms across her chest and sat back heavily in the seat. They sat in charged silence for a while and then she sighed and reached over and slid her hand over top of his. He spread his fingers, inviting her to lace her fingers in his and then he sat, staring at the way their hands looked together. “No, I am not currently a member of the mile high club,” she whispered, “but you shouldn’t hold it against me if I was.”

“I wouldn’t…I don’t,” he sighed and brought her hand up to his mouth, pressing his lips firmly against her knuckles. “I’m sorry…I just…it’s the whole Captain Serious thing. Sometimes…sometimes I just hate that if I do something Kaner would do and no one would make a big deal of it if he did it but do if I do it then it becomes this big deal and everyone makes it into this enormous thing…,” he looked over at her and she was listening, watching him with a faint smile on her face. “I know…you don’t get it…I mean, why should you,” he sighed and turned to look out the window into the darkness but when he tried to drop her hand, she wouldn’t let go.

“So let them,” she said in a whisper as she leaned in, folding up the arm rest and pressing her body nearer to his. “They’ll only keep doing it as long as you rise to it.”

“Now you sound like my mom,” he grumbled, sinking further into his seat.

“Yeah well, sometimes moms have good advice,” she replied, digging her finger into his side until he returned his attention to her. “You know all the girls in school were always shitty to me because of my boobs,” she whispered to him. Jon glanced down at where the slippery fabric brushed over her breasts. They were more than a handful, he knew. He knew them by Braille, he could close his eyes and trace every centimeter of the pale, round flesh in his mind. They were perfect.

“They were just jealous,” he replied, immediately feeling both protective and defensive of her. Edie smiled and raised her eyebrows. “Yeah, okay, I get it,” he sighed, knowing he’d been caught. “It is a little different with guys,” he pointed out to which she only shrugged.

“Yeah, guys are even less mature,” she pointed out, sliding her hand in between the buttons of his light blue dress shirt, “and Patrick will probably be chasing dancers around Vegas while you and I,” she looked up at him with a playful smile, “will be sitting by the Pool of the Gods sipping Mai Tai’s and getting a tan.”  

“About that,” Jon removed her hand from his stomach, which was giving him ideas about going back into that cramped airplane bathroom. “I was thinking about some rides I’d like to go on. You know, like the roller coaster at New York New York and the Big Shot on the Stratosphere.” He watched as Edie went a little green at the thought.

“I’m really not that good with heights,” she moaned. Her friend Carolyn had already warned him about that, which was fine because a moment of weakness was something he was planning on using to his advantage, but she didn’t need to know that.

“I promise to hold your hand,” he told her and she sighed but nodded. Jon smiled to himself and then sat back and closed his eyes, still holding her hand. Now all he needed was to get the ring, and have her say yes.


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