Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chapter 17

“You’ve just made a serious mistake.”

Jon didn’t know if he was saying it to Edie or the lumberjack kissing her, probably both, but he didn’t stick around to continue the conversation. Here he’d been worried that she was sitting home, fuming over his not calling when really she was out gallivanting and kissing other guys.

He headed back the way they’d come in, pushing Kaner aside as both he and Duncs tried to stop him from leaving. He needed fresh air to clear his head and then he needed to get back to the hotel where he could feel humiliated without an audience.

His chest hurt. Jon pressed a fist against the middle of his chest and winced as he pushed his way out onto the street. He’d been looking forward to seeing her. While most of the rest of the team had caught an hour of shuteye on the plane, he’d practically been bouncing in his seat, vibrating with energy, his every thought focused on touching down and finally being with her again. He hadn’t even wanted to come out. He’d wanted to phone her and have her meet the bus at the hotel. He’d thought of nothing but being in what she called her closet of an apartment, in her bed, making up for lost time.

It was only when she still didn’t answer as the bus pulled up in front of the Sheraton that Jon had given in to Kaner and the rest of the guys who wanted to catch last call at the Roxy. He was miffed that she hadn’t answered, but he’d never have gone sticking his tongue down some random’s throat just to get even.

Jon turned to walk up Granville. He wasn’t sure this was the right direction to get to the hotel, but he just wanted to walk. He didn’t care that it was cold or that it was drizzling. Other than during the Olympics, Jon couldn’t remember ever coming to this city when it wasn’t at least spitting. He just put his head down and walked, his fists shoved into the pockets of his jacket, his teeth grinding as he strode silently through the late evening revelers like some kind of human storm cloud. 

“Ah fuck! Put me down.” Edie watched Jon turn on his heel and straight arm Patrick Kane out of his way. He was pissed. ‘Well he has a right to be’ Edie told herself as she Tanner Glass put her back on her feet. Carolyn was already holding out her purse and coat check ticket. Edie grabbed her purse and shook her head at the ticket. “Get it for me. I won’t ever catch him if I wait to get my fucking jacket,” she called over her shoulder as she turned to head out after him.

“Smooth move,” Kane grinned at her. Edie made a face and then reached over to grab a half empty pitcher of beer off of the bar and promptly up ended it over the mop top’s head. “I know, I know I’m going,” she grumbled at the bartender who was shaking his head at her. She could hear Tanner and his teammates cheering behind her. Well, she was nothing if not a solid, loyal member of the Nuck Nation.

At least until she caught up with Jonathan.

As she hit the sidewalk, she caught site of his tall, broad shouldered form shoving his way through the crowd. His long legs had already carried him more than a block away. Hopping on one foot, Edie grabbed hold of the arm of one of the bouncers and then leaned down to unzip her boot. He looked down at her quizzically but didn’t stop her. In fact he held the one boot while she did the same with the other and then handed them both to her as she waved a thank you and took off running in her bare feet.

“Jon!” she called but he didn’t turn. “Don’t be a jackass!” she snapped as she caught up to him, grabbing the back of his coat and using her momentum and his to send him crashing into the front window of Golden Age Collectibles.

“Me?” he gave a bitter sounding laugh as he looked down at her. “You’re calling me a jackass after…that?” he pointed back down the street and made a face. He was thinking about her kissing someone else. He was jealous. It was kind of cute. If she didn’t already feel guilty about it, she might have toyed with him, teased him about it. But the fact was, she was in the wrong.
“Hey, I’m drunk,” she told him honestly. “I mean, I’m in bare feet here. Bums piss on this street,” she added looking down at the grungy sidewalk, dotted with dried up gum, pigeon shit and who knew what else. “What’s your fucking excuse for not calling?”

“I’ve been calling all day. You haven’t answered,” he snarled back. Edie made a face and then reached into her bag. She pulled out her phone. It was off.

“Fucking Carolyn,” she growled, turning it back on to find that she had three voice mails and ten missed calls. “Okay, but it was on until at least four thirty,” she told him in her own defense. “And you promised to call last night.”

“Kaner stole my phone,” he told her, his tone leveling out as she scrolled through his text messages. Each one was shorter and more to the point. The last one only read ‘where r u?’

“He stole your phone?” she looked up at him and raised her eyebrow. He rolled his dark eyes and nodded.

“He even hid it from me,” he sighed, shrugging his massive shoulders. “They think…,” he looked away up the street and sighed. “They think I’m spending too much time thinking about you.” Edie grinned. She didn’t really want to, after all, he was pissed at her and she was trying to be apologetic, but the thought of Captain Serious getting into trouble with his teammates for acting like a teenager with a serious crush….

“And have you?” she asked, sliding her arms through the holes created by his hands still being hidden deep in the pockets of his pea-coat. “Have you been thinking about me?” she purred as she pressed her body up close to his. She was starting to shiver but he was warm and though his coat was a little damp, the heat that she felt as she pressed her body against his more than made up for a little rain.

“You know I have,” he grumbled, still staring off up the street. He was trying not to look at her, which meant he was trying to stay angry, trying not to give in to the way she was feeling, that just being with him again was making her feel.

“And just what have you been thinking?” she asked, pressing her lips lightly against the sharp line of his jaw. His mouth twitched and he blinked and then a rush of blood rose up from beneath the collar of his coat and flooded his face and then the next thing she knew, he’d somehow managed to lift her off of her feet and switch places with her so that hers’ was the back pressed to the window of the comic book and sport memorabilia store.  

“I want to be with you…inside of you…right now,” he hissed, his dark eyes searching her face. He still looked angry, but he also looked like he was teetering on the edge of losing his shit. Visions of the hot, angry sex they’d had in that dark alley in Chicago flashed through Edie’s brain and she whimpered.

Oh fuck, panty soup’ she thought to herself as she wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him closer. He was staring at her mouth like he wanted desperately to kiss her, or maybe bite her and she couldn’t really decide if she cared which he decided to do.

 “I didn’t just come here for sex Edie,” he growled, his mouth almost touching hers’. Edie nodded, silently. “I want to take you to Vegas and then I want to take you home but…,” he clenched his teeth and gave her a small but firm shake. “Damn it, I have to trust you and I have to know…I need to know if you…?”

“I do,” she told him, nodding earnestly as she said it. “I love you.” 

He closed his eyes and let out a breath he hadn’t realized that he’d been holding. ‘She loves me’ he told himself, feeling a weight lift off his chest. The vice his heart had been in for the last two days loosened and it felt like he could truly breathe for the first time in three weeks. 

“Don’t ever do that again,” he sighed, pressing his forehead to hers’. “Jeezus. I thought losing to Calgary sucked. Watching you kiss that guy…,” his voice trailed off as he opened his eyes to gaze into hers’.

“Yeah…sorry about that. Tequila is very bad for me,” she grinned. “You’re gonna have Bickell hurt him aren’t you?”

Jon thought about it for a moment. He hadn’t realized it at the time, his total attention had been on Edie, but the more he thought about it…

“That guy was a Canuck?” he asked and she nodded. Jon shut his eyes and sighed. “Yeah…I’m gonna have to fight him or something,” he told her seriously and then smiled, “and we’re definitely going to have to give them a spanking and it will be all your fault.”

“A spanking eh?” she grinned at him and he laughed and shook his head.

“Well I guess you do deserve one,” he chuckled as he slid his hand down her back to cup her ass and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Please sir, may I have some…more?” she asked in horrible fake British accent. Jon heard himself growl as he pressed her against the pane of glass at the front of the store. He wanted her now, here, in front of all of the people he could hear walking behind him. He couldn’t believe no one had stopped them and he wondered, for just a moment, if he could get away with it. Coming back to his senses, he readjusted his grip, and turned around.

“Hail a taxi,” he told her as he walked out to the edge of the street, “and please tell me that your place isn’t far.” 

“I can’t believe you gave the cabbie a hundred,” she giggled as she ran ahead of him up the stairs to her apartment.
“I can’t believe you went down on me in the back of the cab,” he growled, catching her around the waist and carrying her under his arm the last few stairs.

“You said you couldn’t wait,” she mewed as he set her down in front of the door at the top of the steps, but he still grabbed her keys out of her hand and impatiently shoved them in the lock. “If you break the key off we’ll never get inside,” she pointed out while he twisted the dead bolt hard enough that she thought it might break off in his hand. Fortunately though the door resisted, it opened and Edie found herself dragged inside while he kicked the door closed behind them and threw the locks and then tossed his jacket and his tie on the floor before kicking off his shoes.

She shrieked when he picked her up again, this time tossing her over his shoulder while he took the three or four strides it took to get to the French doors that were fortunately ajar so that just the end of her bed was visible and he didn’t have to kick down all of the doors to find it. She gave a yelp when he tossed her down into the middle of the bed, but lay there grinning while she watched him furiously work at the buttons on his baby blue dress shirt.

She licked her lips when he finally pulled the shirt off and tossed it aside. She’d been dreaming about this moment and it didn’t matter that he hadn’t given her the time to light all of the candles she’d set up around the room or put on a little Bublé to set the mood. Just seeing his wide shoulders, his ridiculous six-pack and the ferocious and determined look on his face was mood making enough. And if that hadn’t been enough, when he shoved his dove grey suit pants down over his hips, taking his boxer briefs with them certainly was.

“Oh yeah baby, come to mama,” she giggled, biting down on her bottom lip as he crawled onto the bed on his knees.

“Oh yeah?” he raised a single eyebrow as he grinned down at her and then grabbed a hold of legs just above her knees and pulled. Edie skidded across the quilt and found herself beneath him, her dress having rolled up over her hips, which seemed to be his plan. He hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled, yanking them off in one fluid motion. With a playful grin, he twirled the black lace around his index finger. “Who’s your daddy?”

“Well his name’s Michael and he’s an accountant and I don’t think he’d approve of his little girl going down on…yeeeeeeek!” Jon slid off the end of the bed and dove in between her thighs, his tongue wiggling into her entrance, making her squeal. “Oh yeah…you’re my daddy,” she sighed, leaning her head back and squeezing her eyes shut while she dug her fingers into her quilt and got her ready for the ride. 

He’d missed the smell of her skin, and her hair but mostly it was this he’d missed, Jon thought as he slid the flat of his tongue up towards that little bud of oh so sensitive tissue. As he pressed his tongue against her clit and felt a shudder run through her thighs, as he heard her moan, it felt like he’d come home.

Jon sucked and nibbled on her clit, making her whimper and cry out in turns and he forgot that he’d been angry and dismissed what he’d seen at the bar. That guy might have kissed her but he was the one making her say his name in that sultry tone that said she wanted more, that she wanted him. He swore to himself, as he sucked on that little pearl and listened to her cry out his name that he would never, ever listen to another fucking thing that Kaner had to say.

Sliding two fingers inside, he sought that spot that would make her scream, that would bring her to the edge. He wanted her to cum before he slid his dick into her. Just like in the taxi, he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to last long once he got into her. Not the first time. So he wanted her to be there already so he could join her.

“Oh…oh fuck yeah!” Her hips suddenly rose completely off of the bed and he felt all of her muscles clamping down on his fingers as he pressed up on that spongy spot and hummed against her clit at the same time. This is what guys like Kaner were missing when they screwed their little puck fucks, only worrying about getting off themselves. Jon loved to listen to her make all of the happy noises that meant he was doing the right things, that he was pleasing her. He loved to know that he could. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” She cried out and her body bucked and her heels drummed against his back and her juices flowed over his fingers.

He licked them clean and then slid his tongue into her entrance to taste more. It was sweet and salty all at the same time. It was like sucking raw honey from the comb. Spreading her pink lips, he kissed his way back up to her clit and gave it one more swipe of his tongue for good measure, making her squeak, and then he got up and crawled onto the bed with her, beside her, leaning on his hand and looking down into her beautiful face. She was flushed and a fine sheen of sweat made her face glow but most importantly, she was grinning at him.

“Ummm welcome to Vancouver?” she sighed, reaching up to bring his lips down to hers’. He resisted, at first, sure she wouldn’t want to taste herself on his lips, but she insisted and it only took a second or two to realize she not only didn’t care but that he couldn’t be bothered to worry about that anymore. How could he have forgotten how good it was to kiss her?

“I’m sorry,” she whispered against his mouth. He shook his head but when she wouldn’t keep kissing him, he opened his eyes and looked down.

“I’ve forgotten it…at least until I run into the douchebag on the ice,” he told her, kissing the tip of her nose, her eyelids.

“Yeah well…you’re sorry too right? I mean I don’t go out and get a Brazilian for just anybody you know,” she grinned.

“I’ve already shown my appreciation for that,” he grinned back, sliding his hand down over her stomach, running the palm of his hand over the baby smooth skin and sliding his fingers down into her warm, wet centre. She hummed and smiled and scooted closer to him.

“You still haven’t said you’re sorry,” she whispered, running her hand along his ribs and down, around his hip. She gave his ass a hard slap. He winced.

“I’ll make sure to tell Kaner what I almost missed out on,” he promised, sliding his fingers up inside of her as he pressed his lips to her shoulder, her collarbone, the slope of her breast. She must have slipped the rest of her dress off while he’d been hard at work. There was nothing between them now.

“Nnno,” she muttered, a gasp escaping her lips as her hand slid back between them until she was gently cupping his sac. “Don’t tell that little fuck anything,” she insisted. Jon looked up at her from where he was currently tracing the outline of her areola with his tongue. “I…might have…accidentally on purpose…poured a pitcher of beer over his head.” Jon pressed his forehead against her shoulder and snorted. That would definitely have put a dampener on Kaner’s chances of putting some smooth moves on the ladies. “I don’t like the way he looks at me,” Edie explained, “don’t be mad, okay?” Jon lifted his head and smiled.

“I’ll definitely have to guard my phone after this and I’ll probably have something nasty in my cup tomorrow morning but believe me, he needs taking down a peg or two once in a while.” He could imagine how pissed his roommate would be and could picture what was waiting for him back at the hotel. “Do you think I could stay here tonight?” he asked. Edie frowned.

“I thought you would, I mean, that was the plan wasn’t it?” Jon pressed his lips to hers’ and then jumped off the bed and went looking for his jacket.

“I’ll just text Coach, tell him I found you. He’d said it was okay but I have to let him know,” he explained as he pulled his iPhone out of his jacket pocket. 

Jon let out another snort and then turned the screen towards her. Edie crawled to the edge of the bed and narrowed her eyes. The photo was dark but she could just make out Patrick Kane’s drenched curls and a formidable frown on his face. She bit her bottom lip and shook her head. Jon would definitely be safer here.

As she watched him send a couple of quick texts as she crawled under the covers and waited for him to come back to bed she let her gaze travel up his long, muscular legs. She paused and let herself have a good long look at the curve of his amazing badonkadonk before she continued her personal porn moment and used ever indentation in his abs as a roadmap.

When he finished texting, he bent to put his phone on the bedside table and caught her staring at him, well, at his chest and as she watched, he started to turn red. It was crazy that he still got self conscious. After all, they’d spent the better part of their relationship naked.

Edie flipped the covers down and patted the spot beside her on the bed. He crawled quickly under the covers and promptly pinned her to the bed. She smiled up at him and reached up to brush her fingertips over the birthmark just below his mouth.

“I can’t believe I’m in love with a Hawk,” she told him quietly, meaning every word.

“If it helps,” he whispered, doing a sort of push up as he positioned himself carefully between her thighs, “I can’t believe it either.” Edie made a sort of unintelligible noise and dug her fingernails into his ribs. She felt more than heard his laughter, his sides vibrating beneath her hands as she held on. She hadn’t forgotten what it was like to be stretched, to feel him feeling her, but it still took her breath away. She slid her arms up and around him, digging her fingers into his shoulders as he plumbed her depths, reaching that spot that meant he could go no further. Their hips met and parted and she gasped, arching her neck as he kissed his way down it, slowly, gently, until his teeth found her shoulder and then she gasped again. “I missed you,” he told her as he held himself just at her entrance, his dark eyes looking down into hers’.

“I missed you more,” she promised and he shook his head and then drove himself deeply into her, making her gasp out loud, throw her head back and call out his name.


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