Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chapter 24

“I’m not going out there with them.”

“I don’t know what you’re so worried about,” he grinned in that confident way that usually she found charming but now she just found mildly irritating. “I love you. They’ll love you. Easy,” he continued to grin, but now he reached for the belt of her robe and started to tug. Making a face, she batted his hand away and pulled her sash tighter.

“They won’t,” she could already tell that his parents still pictured him as their little boy and were shocked to see that their little boy was having an adult, live in relationship. “No, they definitely won’t,” she repeated, crossing her arms in front of her chest and leaned against the door. “I can’t believe that they just showed up,” she hissed, kicking the expensive heels off and pushing them aside. “I wanted to be the picture of a domestic goddess when they got here…not some kind of puck fuck,” she added with a grimace.

“Momma’s little boy would never, ever bring home a puck bunny for Christmas,” Jon purred, reaching out to brush her hair back behind her ear and then, with a salacious growl, leaned in and pressed his lips to the curve of her neck. With a roll of her eyes and clenching her teeth, she put both hands against his chest and shoved, hard. Unfortunately he was tall and strong and despite her best efforts she couldn’t move him a single inch.

“That is exactly what I’m afraid of. You do realize that your mother thinks I’m a tramp, right?” Without missing a beat, Jon grabbed a hold of her arms and pinned both of them up over her head.

“My tramp,” he whispered in her ear, keeping her wrists pinned over her head in one hand while his other hand slid up her inner thigh. “My sexy, dirty little whore.” Edie closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip as he slid his hand into her panties and then his long, thick fingers into her. She stood on tip toe and gasped as he slid two fingers up inside of her.

“Your parents are right there,” she reminded him through clenched teeth but she pressed down against his hand, sending a mixed signals.

“You can be quiet can’t you?” he whispered back, his breath moist and warm on her neck. Edie closed her eyes and shuddered. Why was it so hard to say no to him?

“And what do you think they’ll think we’re doing?” she managed to ask before biting her lip again to stifle a whimper as he drew his fingers up to her clit and began tracing small, slow circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves.

“My mom, probably having a nap while she makes my pre-game meal. My dad on the other hand,” he continued with a deep, throaty chuckle, “probably knows better.” Edie bit back a groan as Jon pressed the hard length of his erection against her hip. “You look so good baby…good enough to eat.” She heard the sound of his zipper lowering and knew that she should say no, that at the very least she should make an attempt to talk him out of this, but as soon as he let go of her wrists and instead, slid his hands up the back of her thighs and lifted her off the floor, she knew she wouldn’t…couldn’t resist.

“You are soooo not the good boy they think you are,” she whispered against his mouth as he helped her wrap her legs around his waist.

“You never complain,” he whispered back and then pressed her up against the wall as his first, hard thrust forced the air from her lungs and made it clear that, this time at least, she was only along for the ride.

“Is he asleep?” Edie slid the backing onto her plain silver hoop earrings as she nodded. She’d chosen the simple no nonsense accessories instead of the emerald ones Jon had brought her back from the Hawks’ New York road trip in an effort not give his parents any ammunition. It was also the reason she’d chosen the high waist black wide leg pants and simple soft black sweater. She wasn’t a gold digger, but they didn’t know that; at least not yet. “He’s always been good at falling asleep anywhere any time, le bénisse.” Edie tried her best to hide the smile that immediately tugged at the corners of her mouth when she heard his mother speak softly in French, the same language that her son had just used to utter numerous dirty, sexy things in her ear while he’d fucked her until they’d both slid, boneless to the floor.

“I wondered about that,” Edie stuck a spoon in the thick looking sauce that was bubbling on the stove and then blew across it. “He does fall asleep fast.” She paused with the spoon almost at her lips, wincing as she wondered if she was rubbing in the fact that she was sleeping with their son. She glanced up at his mother’s face and Andree’s lips were visibly pursed. “Sorry,” she whispered and then stuck the spoon in her mouth as she made a beeline for the kitchen table.

“You think I’m being overprotective,” Andree said defensively and Edie winced as she pulled the chair out on the opposite side of the table from where Jon’s father was reading the local Chicago rag.

“He’s your son, I think I’d be worried if you weren’t,” she replied calmly while she nervously held onto the edge of the chair. Bryan looked up from the newspaper and gave her a warm smile but then returned to reading without saying another word.

“He’s not…qui est le mot? Worldy like young mister Kane.” Andree made a face as she said Pat’s name like it was something that tasted sour. Edie didn’t exactly blame her, except that now that she’d been forced to spend some time with him, she had to admit he wasn’t quite as bad as she’d thought. Still, she knew what Jon’s mother was driving at, but that she had her editing the first two answers that came to mind.

“I know what you mean, but if you’re trying to say that I’m trying to take advantage of him in any way….”

“You’re not, are you Andree?” He didn’t even look up from the paper when he said it and it had the tone of a man who had gotten used to corralling his wife. Edie smiled over at him and Bryan looked up, just for a minute and winked. When she glanced back towards Jonathan’s mother, however, Edie’s momentary feeling of wellbeing quickly evaporated.  

“You’re wearing that…ring.” Edie looked down at her hand, at the big rock on her hand. It was a little ostentatious, but she’d gotten used to it. “You said you told him no, but you’re wearing that.” Nodding, Edie took a deep breath and reminded herself that this woman had no reason to trust her or take her word for the fact that she really wasn’t a gold digging pucky bunny whore.

“Jon wanted to get married, in Vegas, about a month ago,” she explained in a calm voice and didn’t look up until she heard the gasp. Only then did she meet his mother’s furious gaze. “I know and that’s part of why I said no, to that. Not to him. Not to being with him. I love your son. I tried not to, just so you know, I really tried not to feel anything for him. The thing is, you’ve raised such a sweet, kind, considerate and loving man that it’s hard not to. Impossible in my case, and I’m definitely not a Hawks fan” she added with a shrug and a sigh. “So I know you don’t have any reason to trust me, but I’ve moved my whole life here to be with Jon and I’m pretty determined to make this work but I expect we’ll be seeing enough of each other over the next few months that you’ll find that out for yourself.” Edie took another deep breath and then reached for the bottle of Pinot Noir that had been opened and left to breathe in the middle of the table, pouring a healthy dose of it into a glass for herself.

“Andree,” Bryan’s voice cut into the silence that had filled the room after her speech and Edie stopped, mid sip and stared over the rim of the glass at him. “Do you think we raised our son to make a foolish choice? Or do you think we raised him to make good, sound decisions?” Holding her breath, and still holding the glass up to her lips, Edie turned to look over at Andree who was now staring into the still bubbling pot.

“Les bons choix,” Jon’s mother replied through clenched teeth as Edie took a large gulp of the rich, red liquid.

“Then stop treating the poor girl like she’s robbed a bank,” Bryan said in a tone that made it abundantly clear that the conversation was over, and then he turned the page of the paper as Edie tried very hard not to spit wine across the table. 

“You’ll be fine,” he whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her. “You’ve got all the other WAGs to defend you if my mom starts picking on you again,” Jon added and Edie didn’t need to see his face to know that he was fighting not to crack up right now. She was wishing she hadn’t told him that his father had intervened in their bitch session. Far from being sympathetic, Jon thought it was funny. Digging her nails into his ribs through his dress shirt, she felt his sharp intake of breath and grinned.

“I’ll make you pay later,” she promised and heard his deep, breathy chuckle in response.

“Promises, promises,” he laughed as he pressed his lips to the top of her head.

“I’ll remember this Tayzer,” she threatened, digging her nails in harder until she heard his sharp intake of breath. “I know all your ticklish spots,” she added, drawing her nails very slowly upwards and though his suit jacket didn’t allow her to get to the exact spot that she knew would immediately have him squirming and giggling like a six year old girl, he still jumped and gasped. “And I know just what to do to torture you,” she added, sliding her hands around to his back and down until she was groping his ass.

“Yeah, but once I’m done I can still torture you until you cum and cum and….”

“Get a roooooooom!” Kane yelled from across the parking lot and Jon laughed as she jumped like she’d been caught with her finger in the icing.

“I should head over to the Preds dressing room and see if anyone wants a hun spot to send him head first into the boards,” she grumbled as Jon took a step back from her, straightening his tie.

“I doubt you’d have to offer them more than a nickel,” he laughed, “but if you want to offer them a hun not to put me into the boards, I wouldn’t say no.”  

“I haven’t decided if I want to take you off you hit list or not,” she replied, baring her teeth at him which only made him laugh.

“If I’m injured, the only one that suffers is you,” he reminded her, reaching to grab her and pull her back towards him but she only danced out of his reach.

“Your mommy’s here to look after you now. I’ll just poke whatever hurts,” she threatened, holding her hands out like claws, nails towards him.

“Not if you want to keep impressing my mother you won’t,” he grinned a challenge back at her and Edie promptly threw up her arms.

“Not fair,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“Oh c’mon, when I got up for dinner you guys all seemed to be doing great,” he added, his tone more sweet as he put his arms around her and hugged her to him. Was there a more comforting feeling in the entire world? She didn’t think so.

“If by getting along you mean sitting around in dead silence while your father watches his boy on the news and your mother does the white glove treatment around the apartment,” she sighed, shutting her eyes and concentrating on the rise and fall of his chest and the warmth of his body pressed close to hers’. What she’d wanted to do when he woke up from his nap was drag him back to bed and have him fuck her until she screamed so loud she chased his mother away.

“Babe, I have a cleaner,” he reminded her in a tone that she could tell meant he was doing his best not to laugh at her but it was clearly a difficult task.

“Well do me a favor,” she looked up into his dark eyes and batted her eyelashes, “don’t tell her, ‘kay?”

“Ummm sweetheart, she hired my cleaner,” he shrugged his massive shoulders and the corners of his lips twitched. Oh yeah, it was costing him a grand effort not to laugh at her.

“Jeeezus! You are a momma’s boy aren’t you?” she battered his chest with her fists but he didn’t let go of her.

“Well she didn’t want me hiring my maid for the same reasons the Pats hired theirs,” he tried to explain as she twisted out of his arms and crossed her own in front of her, pouting. He held his hands out in front of his chest at an impossible distance.

“Even Barbi’s jugs aren’t that big,” she mumbled, but didn’t recoil when he put his arms around her again, but neither did she melt against him.

“You’re doing fine, I can tell,” he promised her, his voice muffled by her hair. “And even if she still hates you after this weekend, you’ll have other chances to win her over.”

“You!” Edie pinched what little skin she could pluck off his bones, it being mid season and he being in the shape of his life.

“Seriously? Injuring me before I even get on the ice? C’mon babe,” he clutched at his sides and did his best to look honestly hurt but the laughter he was holding in made his chocolate brown eyes dance.

Are you coming to play tonight Toews?” Coach Quinneville smiled from beneath his mustache at the two of them and though he didn’t seem to mind having one of his two stars loved up, Edie always shrank a little under his shrewd gaze. He looked like he should be a cop and a bad ass forty-five carrying mother fucker of a copy at that.

“I don’t know if I can Coach,” Jon continued to feign injury, “I’m injured,” he added, still holding his side.

“Well, better strap some blades to the bottom of those stilettos then Eden or we’ll be a man short. I’m pretty sure your boyfriend’s jock will fit you,” he added with a wink and then continued into the rink.

“Ouch,” Edie grinned at Jonathan who was now staring after his Coach as if he’d been speared through the heart by his best friend. “C’mere you,” she purred, and pulled on the lapels of his suit jacket. Jon’s eyes suddenly got soft as he turned back to look down at her. “Play good, or I might forget where I put your Christmas present.” She offered him her lips and he took them, softly, moving his mouth gently over hers until the mood threatened to shift to something that would make him even later.

“Right after, you guys all come down and we’ll go home together, okay?” Edie nodded and then, as if he didn’t want to go, he cupped her face in his big hands and smiled down at her. “Love you,” he whispered.

“Love you too,” she whispered back and then he smiled, that crooked, happy boyish smile of his that had, from the first, made her heart skip a beat. “Go,” she said softly and his smile changed to the boy going off to the icy pond with his skates and stick in his hand. As he turned to go she wound up and gave his ass a hard smack.

“Hey!” he cried, turning to look at her.

“For luck,” she told him and blew him a kiss, which he caught, mid air and pressed against his heart before turning and heading into the arena.

(okay, I know some of you are going to be upset by this but this feels like...)
Fin / End


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